Our History

What started as a technology products catalog company has grown to a $1 billion communications systems integrator and technology provider. This growth enables us to offer you an unrivaled solutions portfolio and international footprint, all built on the foundation of our business-trusted technical advice and support.

Black Box Network Services is a leading communications system integrator and technology provider dedicated to designing, sourcing, implementing, and maintaining today’s complete communications solutions.

Black Box today:

  • 175,000 clients
  • Approximately 200 offices serving 150 countries
  • More than 4000 Team Members worldwide
  • 4 million ports maintained

Looking Forward

As an independent solutions provider, Black Box Network Services will continue to examine each new technology objectively and will seek out the best products and solutions to add to our extensive portfolio.

We are committed to uncovering new products and solutions that can help you solve your communications and infrastructure challenges, and we'll remain at the forefront of innovation through our long-standing relationships with technology manufacturers.