Driven by each client’s unique needs, Black Box creates and maintains the optimal IT ecosystem in which clinicians, physicians, patients, and guests thrive. We work with hundreds of hospitals nationwide, including four of the six largest hospitals in the U.S.

Our commitment to healthcare has never been stronger and no other IT solutions provider understands the healthcare ecosystem like we do. Backed by decades of healthcare IT experience, Black Box delivers the mobility, hardware, software and infrastructure solutions that create the foundation for true medical interoperability and patient- and clinician-center healthcare integration.

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In healthcare, the 5G evolution will be life-changing and will affect every aspect of the healthcare ecosystem from patient care, diagnostics, monitoring, virtual care, and more.


Mobility & Wireless

In healthcare, ubiquitous wireless coverage is the result of different complementary technologies that work together including CBRS, DAS, and more.



The SD-WAN market is exploding alongside the growth of edge computing and digital transformation.

Additional IT Solutions

Black Box provides a number of IT solutions designed to meet the needs of healthcare facilities, including: Real-Time Locating System (RTLS), UC&C, and Structured Cabling.

Technology Product Solutions

Black Box provides powerful KVM, digital signage, cabling, and other technologies to improve patient, guest, and clinician experiences and to optimize workflows.