Copper Patch Panels

Choose Black Box Connect CAT5e and CAT6 patch panels to complete your unshielded copper channel. You'll get a cost-effective, value-priced solution that's completely tested and guaranteed for two years. Choose from 24-port 1U and 48-port 2U panels.

CAT5e Patch Panels

If you’re looking for value-priced rackmount CAT5e unshielded patch panels, we have what you need. Black Box Connect’s cost effective solution for 24 port and 48 port patch panels provide a variety of options, which are lower in price but not lower in quality. Both come with a two-year warranty.

CAT6 Patch Panels

When you want a cost-effective CAT6 channel solution, take a look at Black Box Connect CAT6 patch panels. Choose from 1U 24-port or 2U 48-port patch panels that are fully tested and compliant with all industry standards. Both come with a two-year warranty.