A global data center service client needed a hyperscale data center to support their strategic plans and cater to their billions of users globally. Their needs spanned from construction and upkeep to staff recruitment and training. As a leading data center service provider, Black Box offered a comprehensive suite of services encompassing talent acquisition, training, and retention for the construction, maintenance, and oversight of multiple data centers globally. Despite the scale of the project, Black Box upheld the highest industry standards. The deliverables involved the installation of over 20,000 server cabinets and an extensive fiber-cabling network that can stretch from Sweden to California.


The major challenge was the aggressive go-live deadlines and maintaining the highest quality standard in the industry. Although it was not puzzling for Black Box to deploy services at such a massive scale, the challenges were further compounded by the client's requirement to continuously operate and maintain their production environment, which was handling huge global traffic.


  • Aggressive go-live deadlines for delivery and implementations
  • Maintaining the highest industry quality standards
  • Continuous operation and maintenance of a production environment handling massive global traffic.


  • A comprehensive suite of hyperscale services for the development and deployment of data center
  • Recruitment, training, and talent retention program for consistent standards
  • RunOps & Day 2 support for troubleshooting and maintenance while aligning to the QA & QC protocols


  • Highly efficient development and implementation of DC solutions.
  • Seamless service delivery via consolidated project management.
  • State-of-the-art hyperscale data center meeting strategic goals.


  • Meeting aggressive deadlines while upholding quality.
  • Improved operational efficiency and smooth maintenance.
  • Enhanced talent acquisition and technical standards compliance.


Black Box implemented multiple solutions to address these challenges:

  1. Solution development, deployment, and management: Black Box developed a tailored solution as per the client's requirements by focusing on minute aspects of the project. This includes program management, deployment, and implementation of Inside Plant (ISP), Outside Plant (OSP), Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Building Management and Security Infrastructure (BMS), and more.

  2. RunOps & Day 2 support: Post deployments, Black Box offered troubleshooting and maintenance services to ensure smooth functioning of DC Infrastructure. This step allows seamless operations of the deployed system while checking the areas for improvement. Black Box offered day 2 support with weekly rounds for continuous monitoring and data gathering to improvise pipelines and enhance DC operations.

  3. Training and Quality Assurance Program: The client's end-to-end technical and leadership talent requirements were fulfilled by the Black Box Data Center Enablement Program. An Authorized Training Facility (ATF) certified by BICSI standards with in-house trainers was maintained. A dedicated QA and QC program was implemented to maintain the highest technical standards.

  4. Comprehensive Infrastructure: Our data center services boast extensive capabilities, including over 550,000 meters of cabling, 10,000 network devices, 20,000 cabinets, and 3,000 racks, ensuring seamless connectivity and operational efficiency.

  5. End-to-End Support: From construction and implementation to day-to-day operations, training, and quality assurance, we offer a complete suite of services. Our commitment to excellence is upheld through rigorous quality control measures and in-house training facilities certified by BICSI standards.


Construction and Implementation

  • All infrastructure work
  • All physical structure such as racks, ladder rack, fiber runner, support structures, PDU installation, pathways, rack containment, grounding/bonding.

  • Enforce all safety practices and procedures for information and communications technology (ICT) installers and work sites and adhere to all regulations measures and codes for national and local requirements for workplace health and safety.


  • Cabling
  • Networking
  • OSP cabling
  • Distributed antenna
  • Building Management and Security Systems
  • System (DAS) for superior wireless performance
  • Testing
  • As-built documentation
  • Warranties

Run Ops and Day 2 Support

  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment moves
  • Re-cable existing equipment
  • Swap/change existing cabinets/racks
  • De-commission servers, trunks, patches, ladders, equipment
  • Documentation of changes
  • Weekly rounds
  • Quality assurance

Key Statistics

  • 550,000 [m] Inside cabling
  • 200,000 [m] Outside cabling
  • 400,000 Interconnect assembles
  • 320,000 [m] Outside inner ducts
  • 48,000 [m] Inside raceways
  • 10,000 Network devices
  • 20,000 Cabinets
  • 3,000 Racks


Black Box's systematic approach enabled highly efficient development and implementation of DC solutions. Consolidating construction, RunOps, BMS, DAS, and other tasks managed via a single Project Management Office (PMO) ensured seamless service delivery while maintaining the best industry standard possible. The outcome for this global client is a state-of-the-art hyperscale data center, facilitating strategic expansions and meeting the growing demands for their services with excellence.

Why Black Box?

Recruiting, training, and retaining hyperscale data center construction and technical staff takes a global company with a global approach. Black Box’s Data Center Practice embodies this philosophy. The data center practice follows the “think global and act local” ethos – providing a modular global program that offers centralized solutions development and strategic planning while maintaining local project management and a local technical workforce for scalable delivery. Our services extend beyond the data center build and retrofit technical staffing to include day-to-day operations management, building automation, and in-building wireless networking – all managed through a single project management office to ensure consistency and quality around the globe.

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