Wireless Collaboration


Coalesce: Wireless Presentation & Collaboration

Collaboration—not just screen mirroring. With Coalesce™, any number of users can wirelessly connect, share, and control content from any device. Coalesce is a wireless presentation system that combines wireless display, video conferencing and screen which encourages involvement and increases productivity. It’s easy to setup and even easier to use. Participants can share within seconds and start real collaboration in conference rooms, classrooms, and huddle spaces.  Watch this video and learn how Coalesce can help you engage and collaborate effectively. 

Gone are the days when you needed different set-ups for wireless display, wireless projectors, wireless presentation systems as well as screen mirroring and video conference. Coalesce means saying so long to Bluetooth projectors, Wi-Fi projectors and other collaborative technologies. Coalesce™ brings it all together.

Coalesce™ lets any number of meeting participants wirelessly connect, share and control content from any device. This BYOD screen mirroring approach eliminates the need for different format video conferencing as well as different wireless projector and presentation systems. Coalesce is simple, smart and streamlined.


Wireless, Real-Time Collaboration

Create, connect, and begin true collaboration with Coalesce professional wireless screen mirroring. Everyone’s ideas are a few clicks away, and shared instantly with other users.

Unlimited Users

Collaborate with more people. Coalesce allows an unlimited number of users to share ideas and information and view it through screen mirroring capabilities.

Bring Your Own Device

Cast any devices’ screen to the Coalesce-enabled display. Use your laptop, tablet, iOS or Android device. For mobile devices, Coalesce directs you to the app store to download the free client app.

Unlimited Shared Items

Each connected user can share an unlimited number of items simultaneously. Live stream desktop, apps, docs, images and videos while screen mirroring encourages involvement.

Dual-Network Mode

Connect over wired, wireless or dual network. Let users collaborate without sacrificing network security.

Enterprise Remote Management

Use Coalesce Central to monitor and manage any number of Coalesce units from a centralized, intuitive dashboard.

Easy Installation

The Coalesce unit fits behind displays, above a projector, or on a table. Leverage your existing infrastructure or deploy it as a hotspot using its built-in wireless access point.

Touch Interactivity

With support for multi-touch displays, Coalesce enables multiple users to work together or independently. Note: touch-enable screen required.


Coalesce enables wireless collaboration anywhere—classrooms, lecture halls, and corporate meeting spaces of any size.
Coalesce, Huddle Space

Coalesce, Large Conference Room