Public Safety Answering Points


Every emergency operations center (EOC), 911 call center and public-safety answering point (PSAP) relies on critical information visualization and communication. Black Box control room solutions enable real-time video and information sharing between field and operations centers, resulting in improved situational awareness and faster response times. When lives are on the line and communication is critically important, trust our extensive portfolio that showcases more than 40 years of technical expertise.

  • KVM solutions improve and secure control room operations
  • Video switching and extension products display high-quality video on distant screens
  • Collaboration and control systems enhance communication and decision-making

Emergency Dispatching

Black Box has KVM switching technology that allows dispatch operators to access multiple computers from one keyboard and mouse set. This gives operators the ability to quickly respond to incoming calls, see what emergency resources are available (ambulances, fire trucks, EMS, etc.) and communicate with police stations, fire stations and other public safety centers all from one workstation.


Emerald® 4K KVM over IP

  • Access and manage an unlimited number of PCs from anywhere
  • Share resources such as hardware and licenses across a dedicated KVM network or an existing IP network
  • Designed for 24/7/365 control room applications


DKM Matrix Switch

  • Flexible and instantaneous HD video and KVM switching and extension
  • Multi-level redundancy offers the highest reliability for 24/7 operations
  • Supports Ultra High Definition up to 4K @ 4096 x 2160 resolution



  • Control room systems and room automation via a touch panel GUI or mobile device
  • Control signals via Ethernet or serial connection to a video wall
  • Connect to and control remote devices


Freedom II KM Switch

  • Operators can seamlessly switch between multiple computers by moving a mouse cursor from monitor to monitor
  • Reduces the time needed for operators to switch between different systems
  • Also gain access to a mix of USB peripherals, including USB 2.0 devices

Real-Time Crime Center Operations

Our industry-leading visualization solutions help real-time crime centers monitor criminal threats and activities.


MediaCento™ AV-over-IP Video Extender

  • Transmit 4K HDMI video and audio over a LAN
  • Perfect for point-to-point or multicast transmissions, virtual matrix switching and video walls up to 8 x 8
  • Scale to your needs by adding transmitters and receivers as you add sources and displays


H.264 Encoders and Decoders

  • Encode video signals from any source, like PCs, servers or surveillance cameras and distribute them out over IP networks to a decoder
  • Supports HDMI up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
  • Can be used in point-to-point or multipoint networks


Radian Flex Video Wall Software

  • Create multiple small or massive video walls
  • Gives you complete control over content to improve decision-making and response time
  • Fail-safe upgrades available to ensure performance in control room environments


NIAP 3.0-Certified Secure KVM Switches

  • Boasts industry-first NIAP 3.0-certified KVM matrix switches and protector
  • Secure peripheral control between multiple computers and devices which protects confidential information
  • Provide port isolation between networks, ensuring no data is leaked between secure ports and the outside world

Security Operations Centers (SOC)

Black Box solutions give traffic/security control rooms, crisis coordination centers and emergency operation centers the tools they need to manage a wide variety of incoming video and data feeds.


NIAP 3.0-Certified Secure KVM Switches

  • Provide absolute isolation, control and separation of PCs connected to network enclaves of differing security classifications
  • Features the only NIAP 3.0-certified KVM matrix switches and protector on the market
  • Broadest range of NIAP 3.0-certified KVM solutions in the industry


Emerald 4K KVM over IP

  • Delivers pixel-perfect HD or 4K video over an IP network, a proprietary direct connection or both
  • Supports any combination and number of physical and virtual desktops and servers
  • Connect to virtual machines, including VMware®, through PCoIP virtual machine access


Agility IP-Based KVM Extension

  • Connects users to remote computers with perfect digital video in real time
  • Transmits DVI HD video, USB and audio signals over your existing LAN
  • Enables KVM switching, target sharing, DVI extension with full HD 60 fps and multicasting


4Site Multi-View KVM

  • Simultaneously display and control four computers on one display
  • Supports all combinations of analog VGA and digital DVI video cards, monitors and even cameras
  • Display in full-screen, quad, picture-in-picture or WIN mode

Public Safety Industry Customers

ATT Public Safety Solutions
Greater Harris County 911
Hagerstown Police
Dept of Homeland Security
Miami-Dade Police
Toronto Police

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