Digital Signage for Vodafone

Project: Digital signage for 47 stores

Product: iCOMPEL Digital Signage Appliance

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The background

Advertising in the retail setting is changing rapidly. Printed poster displays are seen as old-fashioned and certainly limit a retailer's flexibility. They become out-of-date very quickly, and they're costly and time-consuming to replace. Then there's the matter of effectiveness. These days, the eyes and ears of media-savvy customers are discriminating, particularly in that much-sought-after youth demographic. Printed signs simply aren't as attention-getting as they once were.

Like many companies competing in the retail space, mobile telecommunications company Vodafone saw digital signage as the logical alternative to using traditional static signage to promote its brand and offerings. As many merchants have discovered, there's no better medium than digital signage to turn heads and make branding headway in the highly competitive retail environment.

Vodafone wanted digital signage installed in 47 stores, not only to reduce the costs of producing the signage but also to give it a system that would enable it to promote tactical offers in a timely manner. Before the signage installation, Vodafone had to have posters printed for each and every store. Printing time varied from five to seven days, depending on volume, and then the individual posters had to be distributed to the stores—yet another expense in labor required.

The solution

For a signage application involving 47 stores, Vodafone needed a robust digital signage platform. The appliance it chose was the integrated hardware/software appliance currently sold in the U.S. and elsewhere as the Black Box® iCOMPEL™.

What Vodafone received was digital signage that gave it much greater flexibility in its promotional marketing when compared with the poster advertising it previously used.

Initially, the first benefit the company saw was cost savings— there was no longer the need to print 200 posters to highlight an offer for each individual store. Now, all Vodafone has to do is create an electronic, dynamic promotion and adapt it for the LCD screen. Once the promotion is approved, it can go live.

Plus, all this work is now done in-house, meaning that offers can be changed within 24 hours—reducing the time to display by up to 80%! This has provided them with greater flexibility to highlight a particular offer in a certain geographic area or store, fulfilling their tactical marketing objectives.

What's more, the stores now look more professional, and the screens in the storefront windows have given them an opportunity to set up dynamic, full-motion displays that grab shoppers' attention by bringing promotions to life!