Kinopalace Helsinki

Project: Multimedia signage

Major benefits: Reduced costs, increased sales, better customer service.

Product: ServSwitch Wizard

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The background.

Kinopalatsi (Kinopalace) is Finnish for "Cinema Palace." It opened in 1998 as Finland's first multiplex cinema. The three-story building features 10 screens and a total of 1,694 seats. The theater has a rich history, occupying the site of an older cinema, the Metropol, which opened in 1939. Even though the theater does a bustling business, it wanted to renovate and update the refreshment area to offer customers something better and different from other theaters.

The result was Delicasy World. The concept was to offer customers more than the traditional snacks, such as soda and popcorn. Delicasy World serves a wide variety of snacks to suit every taste, including candy, chips, ice cream, juice, coffee, and grilled food.

"We wanted to build a complete refreshment area that would have something for everyone," said Mr. Henri Kurki, theater manager of the Kinopalace Helsinki.

Searching for ideas

In planning Delicasy World, Mr. Kurki and Mr. Petri Laine, sales manager of the theater, visited various exhibitions and trade shows looking for ideas on how to improve the theater and make it more enjoyable for customers. That’s where they discovered digital signage.

The digital signage snack solution.

"We compared different suppliers and Black Box stood out," he continued. "I told Black Box what I wanted to do and they suggested a solution."

Black Box recommended a multimedia system consisting of Black Box Wizard Multimedia Extenders and six 46" wide-screen displays, which would be mounted across the top of the refreshment area. According to Mr. Kurki, the installation and deployment went very smoothly. The construction team built the bases for the displays. Then the Black Box team came in to install the displays and system.

"The displays bring more life to Delicasy World, attracting people and making it much more interesting," said Mr. Kurki. "The system has worked perfectly and the image quality is very good."

Easy to use

One of the reasons Mr. Kurki and Mr. Laine chose the Black Box system was because of how easy it is to use and control. "That's the best part," said Mr. Kurki.

Mr. Laine composes the content on his office PC and sends it over the network to the screens. In addition, the advertising department of the theater company, Finnkino, is also producing moving images to be used on the system.

Reduced costs and more sales

The Black Box multimedia system is helping to increase the theater’s bottom line.

"Thanks to the new system, we're saving a good deal in printing expenses," said Mr. Laine. "Before we went digital, we had to worry all the time about the printing, delivery, and mounting of posters. Now, I can do everything with just a few keystrokes."

In addition, because the displays attract and engage people, sales and profits in the refreshment area have increased. According to Mr. Laine, the ROI on the system was quite short. Because Delicasy World, including the digital signage, was so successful, Finnkino plans to introduce the concept in its other theaters.