Fremont Memorial Hospital

Project: Digital signage

Major challenge: Easy-to-use, affordable system

Product: iCOMPEL Digital Signage

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The background

When Fremont Memorial Hospital wanted to install a digital signage messaging display in its newly renovated lobby, it turned to John Raymond, Vice President of Muzak of Toledo. The hospital’s communications goals were to welcome visitors, promote services, announce meetings, publish bulletins, and more.

A thorough search

As Mr. Raymond started researching different video messaging products, he happened to receive an e-mail from Black Box introducing its iCOMPEL™ digital signage solution. Impressed by what he saw, Mr. Raymond did more research into the system and contacted Black Box. That's when he found out iCOMPEL would be displayed at the InfoComm show in just a few weeks time. Mr. Raymond, who was going to the show to find the best system for Fremont, immediately made plans to see the system.

The demo

Once Mr. Raymond saw the iCOMPEL demonstration at the show, he was convinced that it was the right system for Fremont. It offered a better price and a far broader feature set than any of the other systems on the market. The clincher was how easy it is to use. At that point, Mr. Raymond sent his recommendation for iCOMPEL to Hank Preston, Network Administrator at Fremont.

"It's so easy"

Once Mr. Preston saw iCOMPEL, he, too, was convinced that it was the answer. He wanted a video system with multiple zones and a network connection that could be controlled from a central location. iCOMPEL gave him that plus the ability to use live feeds and instant messaging.

During a short training session, Mr. Raymond and Mr. Preston set up four different layouts and got the system up and running.

"I'm very pleased with iCOMPEL," said Mr. Preston. "It does everything we wanted to do but couldn’t before. It's working out really well. We're sending a constant feed to a 52" screen in the lobby."

"I didn't have a lot of digital signage experience and am happy with how far this system has come. The functionality has been fantastic and the basic operation to update content is very easy. It's so easy, I'm passing on the responsibility for the content to the marketing team."

Two is better than one

Mr. Preston was so impressed with the iCOMPEL system, he decided to order a second system for an information channel on the hospital’s cable distribution system. The hospital already had a modulator and an available channel, but it never had a good way to implement it. iCOMPEL gave Mr. Preston an easy, affordable way to broadcast menus, bulletins, and other information to patients and staff. To set up the cable channel, all Mr. Preston needed was a Black Box converter, which converted the iCOMPEL output to a Composite signal for the internal cable channel.