Corporate Payment Management Program Provide

Project: Data center installation

Major challenge: Existing space

Product: ServSwitch Octet

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The background

A leading provider of corporate payments management programs was moving to a larger location in Georgia after being acquired by a bigger, national credit company. Because Black Box had been working with the bigger company for two years on large cabling projects across the country, Black Box was asked to install the new data center for the corporate payment provider.

A complete Black Box solution

Originally, the project called for Black Box to provide and install 60 cabinets and the cabinet cabling. But as plans progressed for the new data center, so did the scope of the project. It soon grew to include not only Black Box data services but also many Black Box products for a complete Black Box solution.

The Black Box team worked closely with the security manager and introduced him to the full line of Black Box products. Although the company had never dealt with Black Box before, the manager was impressed with the Black Box line. To simplify the project, the manager decided to use Black Box products for much of his data center infrastructure.

The data center infrastructure

The Black Box team helped the manager select the appropriate infrastructure products for the data center, including the cabinets, rackmount power managers, patch panels, and wire managers for each cabinet.

Black Box also supplied and installed the horizontal twisted pair cabling as well as the fiber backbone and fiber termination units. Overall, Black Box supplied 2540 copper patch cords and 290 fiber patch cords.

The ServSwitch connection

To help the manager streamline, secure, and control his network and data center, the Black Box team in Georgia called the Black Box Tech Support hotline in Pittsburgh. After a careful review of the data center plans, the hotline tech recommended the ServSwitch™ Octet KVM Switch. This multiplatform switch offers reliable and state-of-the-art server management, remote management, and multiple security settings.

The switch had all the features the manager wanted for his mission-critical data center. Black Box preconfigured the security settings and installed 12 ServSwitch Octet KVM switches as well as nine Octet user stations. For the individual workstations, the company ordered 270 user access modules. For additional remote access capabilities, Black Box installed four ServTray™ rackmount KVM consoles.

The major challenge

The new provider’s location was previously occupied by an ISP and was filled with equipment, cabling, and trays. The former tenant was slowly removing the materials at the same time Black Box was starting the project. It proved quite challenging to start an installation while working around the existing equipment, but the Black Box techs were able to rough in approximately 1600 cables before all the remaining equipment was removed.

A team effort

Much of the success of the data center installation rested on solid communications between the security manager and an on-site lead tech. The project manager ensured that the installation was done on time and came in under budget. The on-site lead tech made sure the installation was done properly and met or exceeded all standards. In addition, the Georgia team relied on Black Box's Tech Support hotline in Pittsburgh for product selection and support.

Today, Black Box is this client's vendor of choice for data services and networking products because of the quality of the products, installation service, and support.