Deal Registration Programs

Get the very best pricing we extend to any Reseller with our Deal Registration Programs.

At Black Box Network Services, we reward our Resellers for working to get Black Box products specified for upcoming projects and purchases. With our Deal Registration Program, you can register projects in advance to ensure you get our best Reseller pricing.

U.S. Partners

Requirements for the Commercial; Federal, State, & Local Government; and K–12 and Higher Education Deal Registration Programs: 

  • Commercial deals must be small, medium, and large business opportunities only.
  • Government deals must be federal, state, & local government opportunities only.
  • Education deals must be higher education and K-12 opportunities only.
  • Minimum of $10,000 for federal government opportunities and $5,000 for state & local government; small, medium, or large business; or K–12 and higher education opportunities (at List Price).
  • Projects must be registered with Black Box prior to RFQ release.

Complete the Deal Registration Form here. For more information, see our Deal Registration Programs Terms & Conditions.
For these programs, qualifying projects must be registered for an end user, and rollouts are eligible. There is a 72-hour approval process on submissions.

Keep in mind that because Black Box offers such a large scope of products, we can usually cover the entire bid request. This makes it easy for you to put together a winning bid with line items sourced from one supplier.

If you need additional help closing the deal, contact our FREE Tech Support hotline for presales support in 30 seconds or less! We can also supply you with marketing collateral.





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