Standard Secure

These console servers provide solid out-of-band serial console port control in a secure platform. Use them as gateways to remotely access servers and other network equipment for reliable 24/7 uptime. Advanced encryption keeps all connection communications secure. In addition, some models features dual Ethernet connections and dual power inputs for redundancy. 
LES300 Series Device Server
Device servers enable you to access one or two serial RS-232 or RS-422/485 devices over a 10- or 100-Mbps network.
LES1500 Series Secure Serial Server
The Secure Serial Server with Cisco Pinout supports extensive environmental monitoring, alert, and power event-notification functions. 
LES4000 Series 10-100 Terminal Server
Access a single serial device over your Ethernet network. Software selectable for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485.
LES50000 Series 10-100 Secure Device Server
Choose from models with DB9, DB25, and RJ-45 connections. and a modem
LES6000 Series 10-100 Secure Terminal Server
The 10/100 Secure Terminal Server enables you to access four serial devices. It has four RS-232 ports with RJ-45 interfaces. 
LES7000 Series 10-100-1000 Secure Terminal Server
The 4- or 8-port rackmount 10/100/1000 Secure Terminal Servers give you superior security in a high-density rackmount chassis. 
LPD400 Series Power over Ethernet to RS-232 Converter
This 10/100 PoE to RS-232 serial server virtually eliminates power-cord clutter and offers simple plug-and-play operation.

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