Clean up your desktop and reduce costs with compact Desktop KVM Switches.

Now you can access two, four, or eight local CPUs or other peripherals with a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse workstation. Desktop KVM switches will help you save space and cut the clutter on your desk. Choose from multiple platforms with and without audio.

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DT Desktop KVM switchesDT Desktop KVM Switches

Set up basic desktop KVM switching with high-resolution DVI or DisplayPort video.

Wizard Desktop KVM SwitchesWizard Desktop KVM Switches

Get multilayered switching with True USB emulation for multiple video heads.

KVM SwitchesLegacy Desktop KVM Switches

Legacy 2- to 4-port Desktop KVM switches. When they're gone, they're gone. 


Agility IP-Based KVM Switching and Extension

Improve workflow and efficiency, and send HD video and KVM signals over an IP network with Agility. Learn more.