DKM Extenders

Nov 21, 2016, 12:41 PM

Expand your signal extension options in the DKM FX Matrix Switching System

By relocating computers and servers in separate equipment rooms, it becomes easier to protect critical CPU's and servers from dirt, moisture, and unauthorized access. Operators are offered a much more friendly work area without the heat and noise disturbances produced by powerful computer CPU's and servers. This is critical for data centers, hospitals, sound studios, financial centers, air traffic control towers, and sea-going vessels.

Now you can have KVM control with high-resolution digital graphics wherever you need it. Use DKM Extenders as standalone point-to-point extenders or use them for end point connectivity with your DKM FX or FXC system for long-distance transmission, up to 6 miles, of video, keyboard, mouse, USB, and serial peripherals over CATx or fiber.