USB, DIN rail, and RS-232 converters solve IT compatibility issues in commercial and industrial environments.

Convenient DIN rail solutions including DIN Rail RS-232 to RS-422/485 or current loop, line drivers, and USB converters.
Standalone converters, async serial, and interface cards.
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Parallel to serial, or serial to parallel.
POTS 2-wire to fiber, FXO or FXS.
Serial converters for a wide variety of datacom applications.
Async RS-232 to RS-485 interface line drivers.


Easily connect multiple devices to a single USB port.
Interface converter racks and converters adapters.
Single-channel interface card for I/O operations.

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RS-232, also known as RS-232C and TIA/EIA-232-E, is a group of electrical, functional, and mechanical specifications for serial interfaces between computers, terminals, and peripherals.
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DIN Rails
A DIN rail is an industry-standard metal rail, usually installed inside an electrical enclosure.
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Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a royalty-free bus specification developed in the 1990s by leading manufacturers in the PC and telephony industries to support plug-and-play peripheral connections.