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How to Make Patching Easy and Less Expensive

Every IT professional is looking for tips to save valuable time and reduce costs. The new SpaceGAIN CAT5e and CAT6 patch panels with angled port modules provide strain relief, and maintain bend radius with connectors that tilt at a 45° angle. Because the cables flow smoothly downward, the need for horizontal cable managers is eliminated, reducing the costs for installation equipment and labor.

The unique 45° angled-ports also free up significant space in crowded data cabinets. Because cables don’t protrude, users can save two or four inches, or more, in front of every panel. This is quite beneficial for cabinets being retrofitted with newer, deeper equipment. Every inch counts and cabinet doors often don’t close or need to be removed to accommodate cabling.

The panels feature angled RJ-45 connectors on one side and straight Krone/110 dual-IDC connectors on the other. They’re made of rolled metal for added strength when punching. The panels are available with 24 or 48 ports.

Also, take a look at our new SpaceGAIN CAT5e 90° Angled Patch Cables. Ideal for tight connections behind desks and walls, these cables are available with almost every combination of right-angle hoods. The tab on the RJ-45 connector faces up, down, left, or right, depending on the cable. The right angle protects the bend radius while enabling users to push equipment closer to the wall and to minimize desktop cabling loops.

The up and down angled cables are perfect for streamlining patch panel and switch connections in crowded data cabinets and can save a minimum of four inches of valuable cabling space. They are especially beneficial in retrofits where new, deeper equipment cuts into limited cabling space and prohibits the use of cabinet doors.

These 100-MHz cables feature two 24 AWG unshielded twisted pairs, molded boots, and a PVC jacket. They are available in 1-, 3-, 6-, 10-, and 15-foot lengths and come in blue, red, yellow, and black.