Law Enforcement Command and Control Room

Upgrading a command and control room in a new police station

The Challenge

As part of the move to a new building, a police department based in the north of Europe planned to overhaul their command and control room equipment. Their existing control room used legacy analogue technology and was a mix of KVM point-to-point extensions (VGA-PS2 and VGA-USB), and small desktop KVM switches to give single-user access to one or two remote systems.

The Solution

The police department specified a need for fast switching times, redundancy and hot swappability to avoid potential downtime. Black Box suggested the implementation of a DKM FX Matrix Switching System. Because of its scalability and flexibility, DKM FX switches are a great solution for command and control rooms, providing multiple users with simultaneous access, and the ability to work over a mix of structured cabling (copper and fiber).

The DKM FX solution is configured with two video walls, one 4-by-2 and one 2-by-2 setup, connecting rooms with five desks and multiple users throughout 24/7 shifts.

A Black Box MediaCento Control System integrates with the DKM FX in order to bring touchscreen compatibility for switching and control of the video walls. The larger video wall has a title function where an image can be sent to a 2-by-2 area. Operators have a mix of extension systems on their desks, enabling some to transmit to the video walls while others are simply connected to remote servers.

The Results

The customer is very pleased with the quick switching and practical functionality of the command and control room setup. The DKM FX solution and video walls were pre-configured before shipping to the customer site, and the users did the onsite installation so that they knew the system from the ground up. With completely upgraded facilities, equipment, and command and control room, the police department can serve its community better than ever.

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 Law Enforcement Command and Control Room