Black Box Logo Designs

Logo and Variants

The Black Box master brand comprises two elements: the logo marque and logotype. The logo is a powerful image evoking the culture and design services - the connection between the strength of communication and the different points that influence it. Our logotype has been carefully designed to be modern and yet refined, as well as highly legible.

Preferred Logo

Stacked Logo

Logo Marque

Under certain circumstances, we prefer to simply use the marque on its own instead of the full logotype. In general, these are communications where the Black Box brand has already been established. Alternatively, there will be situations in which we will want our brand to appear more recessive. In these instances, we want the graphics to be the main element and the icon to act as a subtle sign-off. The marque is reserved for usage by Black Box only.

Note that while the marque can exist without the logotype, the logotype should never exist without the marque.

Logo Usage

Logo Usage Guidelines and Examples

A step-by-step guide on how to display the Black Box logo and marque.

Additional Standards

Additional Brand Standards

Discover the colors and fonts we use in our brand to optimize readability, accessibility and recognition.

Black Box Logos and Usage Guidelines

Save time and download a collection of approved Black Box logos and a reference guide on how to use them.


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