Black Box Logo Usage Guidelines

Size and Scale

To ensure that our logo is always legible and accurately reproduced, the minimum print size is 0.25". The minimum size for the web is 35 pixels. The standard size of the logo on templated print materials (white papers, datasheets, and other collateral is 0.5" for 11"x17" pages or smaller. For larger materials, the logo should be scaled proportionally to the piece.

Additionally, please remove the registered trademark when placing the logo at less than half of an inch in size.

Color Palette

Color is a primary means of visual identification that we use to create a powerful emotional response. Our colors were chosen with care to convey that we are a strong, vibrant, and forward-looking brand. The consistent use of a limited number of colors will build strong external recognition and memorability for Black Box.

House BlackHouse Black is our primary brand color. It is the preferred color over all other if given a choice.Black Color Swatch#0000000-0-0-100100-100-100N/A
House WhiteHouse White is used to create a strong contrast to black for emphasis and readability. Do not use House White and Network Green together.White Color Swatch#FFFFFF16-12-13-0212-212-212N/A
Network GreenNetwork Green is bright and vibrant - a powerful and intentionally dissonant color designed to stand out. No single layout or composition should contain more than one Network Green element.Network Green Color Swatch#EBE91B16-0-77-0213-231-57395 C & 395 U

Tints of Gray

For balance, tints of gray soften the contrast combination of black and white and provide a bridge between the two. In regards to typography, dark gray is best suited for large size text.


Gray Color Tones

Typeface - Roboto

The Black Box typeface is Roboto. It is at the heart of the Black Box identity and is the foundation for all our branding. Clean, distinctive, and legible, Roboto is available in a variety of weights to express both contemporary and classical qualities, allowing for a full range of creative expression. Roboto Bold is the most used weight for Black Box marketing materials across all art forms, supported and complemented by other weights as appropriate.

Roboto Typefaces

Product Photography

Black Box products are at the heart of our business. Standard product photography is shot with a plain white backdrop at a resolution that shows the many details we strive to perfect.


Product Photography

Other Brand Standards Information

Logo Designs

Standard and Variant Logo Designs

Learn about our standard and variant logos as well as our logo marque.

Logo Usage

Logo Usage Guidelines and Examples

A step-by-step guide on how to display the Black Box logo and marque.

Black Box Logos and Usage Guidelines

Save time and download a collection of approved Black Box logos and a reference guide on how to use them.


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