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HDMI Converters & Scalers

Convert to or from HDMI depending on the converter/scaler. Dictate the level and degree of conversion and scaling on the box itself, selecting the desired resolution through its OSD interface. No complicated configuration is necessary.


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TAA Compliance


Audio Embedder/De-embedder - HDMI 2.0


Extract embedded audio signals from an HDMI source or embed a separate audio signal to an HDMI stream.

This product replaces the HDMI Audio Embedder/De-embedder (AEMEX-HDMI).

HDMI Audio Embedder


Allows individual analog audio channels to be embedded in the HDMI signal.

4x1 Presentation Switcher - 4K, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, HDBaseT


Connect, extend, and switch from 4 inputs to any conference room display.

8x2 Presentation Switcher - 4K, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, HDBaseT


Connect, extend, and switch from 8 inputs to 2 individual conference room displays.

Presentation Switcher - HDMI, VGA, HDBaseT, 5 x 1


Easily switch and present any video signal on a remote display.

HDMI-to-VGA Scaler and Converter with Audio


Translate HDMI signals to be compatible with VGA displays and analog or digital audio.

HDMI to Analog Video Converter and Scaler


Convert digital HDMI to analog component video with either digital audio or analog stereo audio.

VGA-to-HDMI Converter Scaler with Audio


Scale VGA or Component input for HD 1080p or WUXGA output.

Component/Composite-to-HDMI Scaler and Converter with Audio


Convert older signal types to HDMI with embedded audio to use with HDMI displays.

Dual-Link DVI Repeater


Increase distance and solve your compatibility issues.

HDMI to 3G-SDI/HD-SDI Converter


An easy way to connect an HDMI source to SDI displays or other professional equipment.

3G-SDI/HD-SDI to HDMI Converter


A low-cost way to use a standard HDMI screen instead of a pricey SDI display for SDI monitoring.

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Black Box Explains...     
HDMI is the first digital interface to combine uncompressed high-definition video, up to eight channels of uncompressed digital audio, and intelligent format...