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Commercial Grade Media Converters

Media converters enable you to connect different types of media (twisted pair, fiber, coax) within a network. Most common usage is to insert fiber segments into copper networks. This gives you the ability extend your Ethernet network beyond the 100-meter limit imposed by copper cable.

There are different types of media converters available. What you choose depends on your application.

To connect VoIP phones or take fiber to the desktop, select mini converters that tuck behind your PC. These models simply convert between two different media types. These converters have their own enclosure and power supply.  
   For enterprise-wide systems, choose from chassis-based converters. Chassis-based models connect many different media types in a single housing. They are found in the data center an can provide a gradual migration patch from copper to fiber. They mound in racks alongside network switches enabling the conversion of copper ports on legacy switches to fiber.

Hybrid models feature standalone modules that also work in a chassis. These give you the flexibility to start small or use in a chassis when the network expands.

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