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Freedom II KVM Switch

Switch between separate computer systems simply by moving a mouse cursor from monitor to monitor.

The Freedom II KVM Switch enables a single user to easily access information and control operations across four or eight computers and monitors reducing the time needed for operators to multitask between different systems. The Freedom II works like an extended desktop. With it, you can perform functions that ordinarily would require four or eight separate keyboard/mouse sets—freeing up valuable desktop space and simplifying your work. Once the screen layout is configured for the attached PCs, switching between PCs is as simple as moving your mouse from screen to screen.

It’s ideal for professionals in E911 centers, command and control applications, such as those in broadcast or in finance on a trading room floor. Not only can users switch between several computers, but they get access to a mix of USB peripherals, including USB 2.0 devices.

Additionally, because of the Ethernet port the Freedom II uses TCP/IP for configuration and uploading/downloading the system configuration.