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Digital Signage Platforms & Players

Manage your Digital Signage Displays with ease. 

Impress clients, patrons and employees with high-quality media and image displays. Select from an array of digital signage players and displays that will ensure your signage content is always fresh and up to date. Black Box offers a wide variety of digital signage, including our award-winning digital signage solution—iCOMPEL. Attention-grabbing digital signs allows your content to reach more people in a more memorable way. 


Dynamic messaging, effective communication.
To say today’s market is fast-paced would be an understatement. Your content needs to be able to keep up with the wants and needs of your audience. Our signage players' real-time messaging saves the cost of posters and static signage. Make rapid content changes and get your message displayed fast. 

Save costs with an efficient investment.
A digital signage content publisher and manager is an efficient investment. Avoid the need to produce and mount traditionally printed signage, and say goodbye to working with the inflexibility of non-networked systems. Signage players allow your content and messaging to evolve with the needs of your business.

Save yourself from print and operation costs. 
Digital signage enables you to update content based on your audience. Yesterday’s information may quickly become old news. With a digital signage player, you will never be at the mercy of waiting for the printer again. Even with only one display, digital signage solutions allow you to deliver multiple messages and engage your targeted audience. Make your content work even harder with a digital signage solution. 

Create the perfect display.
Our digital signage publisher and manager come with pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop tools. Keep your content simple, or design your own digital message. Your display can range from simple to advanced. You decide. Your content is fully in your control with Black Box’s digital signage solutions. 

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