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24-Strand MTP/MPO Fiber Connectivity

Optimize your high-density data center MTP® connections with top-quality Black Box fiber cabling. Use these 24-fiber MTP MPO-style cables and cassettes for 10-GbE links. Once your infrastructure is in place, you can easily migrate to 40- or 100-Gbps. Plus, 24-strand MPO cable helps you save space and money in high-density deployments.

Plan your data center MPO connections with Black Box LGX MTP cassettes, trunk cables, harness cables and fiber patch cords. What components you choose, depends on your wiring method. It is important to use the same method throughout your system.

To make sure you get the right components for your system, contact tech support at 877-877-2269. 

Method A MTP/MPO Connectivity

mtp 24 strand

Method C MTP/MPO Connectivity

mtp 24 strand, mpo connectivity

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