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DCX Digital KVM Matrix Switch

Designed for small to medium switching applications with digital KVM.

The DCX KVM Matrix Switches allow transmitting Single Link DVI video up to 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz, USB HID and embedded audio over a single CAT6 or greater cable up to 50 meters. It provides perfect video synchronization for single or multiple display applications including touch screens.

DCX Features and Benefits

Small & Feature-Rich
Small in size, but powerful in features and performance, the DCX Digital KVM Matrix Switch system is an ideal solution for small to medium KVM matrix switching applications in control rooms or workgroups where users need to access shared resources.

Choose from two models. The smaller DCX1000 features 10 configurable user/computer ports. The larger DCX3000 features 30 ports with 7 fixed user ports and 23 configurable ports.Easily connect up to 23 computers and up to 29 users. 

Extend HD Video, USB, and Audio
Interface-powered server access modules (SAMs) extend DVI, VGA or DisplayPort signals, audio, and USB signals over standard CATx cabling, and servers can be located up to 34 feet (10 meters) from the switch. The SAMs also support audio via the USB interface, and the receiver can output the audio through the 3.5-mm jack connection.

.Innovative, real-time UI
Unique multi-view intuitive graphical user interface with thumbnail preview: Making it easier to view and switch between multiple screens and on-screen menus. This feature is more intuitive to use than a traditional text-based on-screen menu (OSD) since it shows all connected devices in a layout, making the matrix simple to view at a glance. UI provides four modes: video only, shared, exclusive, and private.

Zero Compression for Perfect Video
The DCX delivers crystal-clear video and fast switching. Every pixel of every video frame is passed on to remote stations with zero compression and zero latency, fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding graphical applications and guaranteeing perfect video synchronization for multiple display applications.

(1) Use DCX3000 in a digital KVM matrix application, and connect several users to up to 23 endpoints for easy multi-source viewing and switching. 
(2) Or use DCX3000 in a point-to-point digital KVM extension application for DisplayPort, plus USB HID with embedded audio.


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