Process and Approach

Process & Approach

As the world’s largest provider of communications and infrastructure solutions, Black Box Network Services has a proven approach to meeting your voice and data network needs.

Our start-to-finish solutions support all phases of your network lifecycle.

Black Box Network Services takes an objective approach when assessing your network needs. We make sure we fully understand your business and technical requirements, limitations, budget, and timing so that we can develop and propose a communications or infrastructure solution that will help you achieve your goals using reliable technologies that will function as designed.

Based on your approved plan and confirmed requirements, our certified resources will design a solution that fits your needs. Because we are an independent provider—and our portfolio includes solutions from 18 partners as well as our own line of Black Box® brand cables and products—our technical teams can design a unique solution using the best technologies the industry has to offer.

We know it’s imperative that the solutions we design not only meet your technical and business requirements, but also integrate with your existing business processes and any legacy systems you have.

As interoperability becomes critical, providers must have a solid understanding and experience with a variety of technology options to ensure customers receive a solution that will achieve their unique needs—and will be at a fair price. Because of our extensive portfolio and solid partner relationships, Black Box Network Services can deliver platforms and applications from a variety of sources—all with your best interests in mind.

With voice services capabilities throughout North America and infrastructure resources around the globe, our technical resources will fully implement and test your solution to ensure it functions as it was designed. Our technical resources hold more than 2000 certifications, and they’re part of our commitment to deliver superior technical support and service.

Once your solution is implemented, our support will continue. With “Guaranteed for Life” structured systems and a full suite of maintenance services plans, Black Box Network Services will work to ensure that your communications infrastructure continues to meet your needs and helps your business perform. Our six Network Operations Centers throughout the United States and our 24/7/365 customer support helps to ensure that we will be there when you need us.

We’re here for you.
To learn more about our process and approach or to speak with a Black Box representative, contact us.



Delivering superior technical support is our highest priority. Depending on the products or services we provide for you, please visit your appropriate support area.

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