Network Assessment

Network Assessment

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Black Box Network Services

As part of our lifecycle approach, Black Box makes it a priority to use assessments when appropriate to ensure we gather as much information as needed to make the best recommendations for our clients. Often, this process includes baseline or more comprehensive network assessments.

Our assessment tools can examine all different types of devices, processes and outcomes and at the end of the assessment, you'll know your IT infrastructure better than your own neighborhood. Real data from our assessments can give you an objective picture of your network so that we can identify solutions for your network and business challenges.

IT HealthCheck

Optimize your IT network infrastructure environment with the industry's leading business technology analytics platform. IT HealthCheck is a turn-key business technology analytics platform that helps you significantly improve the efficiency, agility and resiliency of your IT network infrastructure. Discover your network's inventory, performance metrics, and how it stacks up against thousands of others.

Features of the IT HealthCheck:
  • Asset Analysis
  • Discovery - Cisco® Lifecycle (EOS) and other Cisco Discovery Services information as well as device lifecycles from other leading manufacturers.
  • Complete component Inventory - VMware, HP, Microsoft, Cisco and more
  • Top 10 IT Checks - based on thousands of prior analytics engagements
  • Unlimited Devices

Comprehensive Assessment

Black Box also provides comprehensive consultative assessments leveraging our vast pool of technical talent. Depending on your needs and scope, Black Box can deploy engineers, IT process experts and other experts to perform a comprehensive assessment based on our years of experience managing environments for some of the top companies in the world. These assessments can be invaluable as you develop your plans for the future.

You can't figure out how to get somewhere until you know where you are.

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