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Black Box Network Services

Reduce downtime with fast, expert technical support, flexible hardware coverage and smart, proactive device diagnostics with Cisco SMARTnet service. Black Box takes Cisco's SMARTnet service one step further with dedicated resources that work to promote greater up-time and extend the value of your IT investments.

The Black Box Difference

Black Box takes a proactive approach to managed maintenance contracts, which has produced savings up to 40% annually for many of our clients. Every SMARTnet contract that we support is assigned a Certified Cisco Service Expert that handles:

  • Quoting
  • Ordering
  • Order confirmation
  • Order assurance
  • Contract tracking by individual line item

Black Box is fanatical about your customer experience and we have made investments in technology and training to ensure that every Black Box contract administrator holds a Cisco Service Expert certification. This knowledge level streamlines your experience and can eliminate costly investments for you.

Risk Management

It's important to know that SMARTnet services cover more than just hardware replacement. SMARTnet includes network operating system upgrades, help desk support, and software patches which all help to reduce network risk by providing:

  • Timely support
  • Minimum down time
  • Effective problem resolution

Innovative Contract Management Tool

Black Box offers a proprietary tool called iMan to take SMARTnet and contract management to the next level. This web-based tool simplifies contract management and helps optimize your contract management process.

Benefits of Black Box iMan:
  • Tracks the lifecycle of devices in the your environment
  • Automates the request for adds, moves and changes to assets or coverage level
  • Provides a sortable database by location, model, device name, serial number
  • Searches, reports and exports data based on multiple filtered views..i.e., site, status, coverage level, expiration date, etc
  • Easily identifies exposed equipment
  • Displays End of Service view of devices
  • Provides Present Value report, based on purchase price and ship date, for finance
  • Simplifies the renewal process

There is a difference when Black Box is managing your Cisco SMARTnet.

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