Deliver Wi-Fi in high-density enterprises

InnerWirelessHD3 WLAN
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Deliver Wi-Fi in high-density enterprises

Wi-Fi usage continues to grow by more than 70% each year, 40% of employees bring their own unsupported devices into the enterprise (BYOD), smartphones now make up more than 50% of all Wi-Fi devices, and video will grow to consume the majority of wireless traffic.

Clearly, delivering mission-critical Wi-Fi is important to supporting communications across your business.

Wi-Fi is a shared resource that must support a broadband experience for a range of unique and often competing devices and applications, including VoWLAN, video, location, and cellular offloading for smartphones. IT organizations continue to face many Wi-Fi challenges, including different signal strength requirements for different devices, device density and application diversity, and legacy protocols minimizing performance of new protocols.

Managing these challenges is difficult, but striking the right balance is key to any mission-critical WLAN deployment. Unfortunately, for traditional WLAN solutions, coverage, capacity, and criticality have a complicated, interdependent relationship and there are limits in how much one can be improved without negatively impacting the other.


Black Box enables mission-critical WLAN with InnerWirelessHD3, an advanced deployment methodology that enables independent control over WLAN coverage, capacity, and criticality for high-density situations.


InnerWirelessHD3 WLAN

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