HD3 WLAN, Design and Deployment,

WLAN Design and Deployment
Inner Wireless HD3 WLAN

Professional design & delivery of broadband Wi-Fi

InnerWirelessHD3 is an innovative, next generation Wi-Fi topology that provides greater capacity compared to a traditional, discrete Wi-Fi network. An expert in both RF design and traffic management, Black Box works with your staff to deliver the highest quality design and deployment of your Wi-Fi network. Our service level is unmatched across the industry and we continue to uphold a 100% first-time acceptance rate on all WLAN deployments.

Our approach to successfully deploying mission-critical WLAN is managed through six key phases:

  1. Scope

    We meet with your key wireless stakeholders to ensure that their requirements are met, including key wireless applications and devices, coverage areas, required capacity, aesthetics and building changes.

  2. Site Survey

    We perform a detailed site survey to map out the RF characteristics of your building, including key areas such as:

    • IDF Closets
    • Existing Cat5/6 cabling
    • Individual Floor Layout
    • Interior Wall Makeup
  3. System Design

    During our design process, we use device and application characteristics to ensure facility-specific design criteria are met; detailing RF prediction on both 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi band and outlining deployment plans in our key design documents.

  4. Procurement & Logistics

    After acceptance of the design, our project management team schedules the delivery of the infrastructure and identifies key roles and responsibilities to ensure a smooth, coordinated deployment.

  5. Deployment

    Our deployment motto is "never re-enter the ceiling" – meaning we are dedicated to a quality deployment with minimal disruption to your business. We certify all deployment crews on proven methods and subsystem testing, and a Black Box project manager is on site to ensure the job gets done right the first time.

  6. Acceptance Testing

    Not only will we get the job done right the first time, we'll prove it to you. Every deployment concludes with testing to ensure the integrity and performance of your new Wi-Fi network.


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