DAS 4G and Public Safety

DAS 4G and Public Safety
Inner Wireless 4G DAS

Converge 4G wireless, public safety, and more

Leveraging both best-in-class DAS solutions and unique know-how, Black Box and InnerWireless4G enable virtually any wireless service for your enterprise - across a facility or across a campus.

As a system integrator, most InnerWireless4G systems are deployed as a neutral host, delivering wireless services from multiple carriers, including AT&T and Verizon. The same DAS can also be used to deliver public safety, two-way radio, paging and other wireless services. One DAS, numerous wireless services.

With InnerWireless4G, your building is typically wired with a combination of fiber optics/coaxial cabling and broadband antennas. Cabling connections are made to a head-end, located in a single, common area, and small remotes located in IDF closets. The remotes are then connected to antennas located throughout the facility that distribute wireless services. The sources of the wireless services are connected to InnerWireless4G in the common area using a microcell or BTS provided by the cellular, public safety, and other carriers.

Enabling key wireless services is the first step in mission-critical wireless, but Black Box goes further. Engineering coverage and optimizing capacity/criticality to achieve unsurpassed wireless performance across the enterprise.


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