Remote monitoring

Black Box provides real-time remote monitoring of voice and data network alarm conditions and immediate notification if an equipment alarm is activated. Through a Black Box-supplied and installed alarm interface unit, our remote alarm management system continuously recognizes system faults and alarms.

Customizable Alarm Criteria

Each message collected from monitored systems is immediately analyzed and compared with the installation-established criteria to determine the level of severity of the particular alarm. Based on established guidelines, the system will report the alarm condition through audio and visual alarm indications to our on-call technicians and communications staff. The criteria to trigger automatic notifications is fully customizable based on any combination of customer-specific thresholds (e.g., messages, time, frequency, severity, business rules, keywords, events) and provides monitoring tools for network management. The Black Box remote alarm management system can automatically notify administrative, operations, and technical personnel through a variety of media, including landlines or mobile phones, pagers, and e-mail.


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