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Increasingly, government agencies are looking for easier, faster and more flexible ways to procure networking products and services. Black Box Network Services has numerous contractual vehicles available which allow the Government to obtain a complete range of networking products and services.

Find out more about Black Box's GSA Schedules, Prime Contract Vehicles, and Subcontracts. An overview of Black Box's Contract Vehicles is available.

Contract Vehicles:

  • WCIS BOA (W52P1J-14-G-0011) – The US Army's WCIS BOA encompasses the full extent of services and supplies required to deliver global WCIS capabilities in support of the Project Manager Installation Information Infrastructure – Communications and Capabilities (I3C2) mission including the subordinate Product Manager Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP), Manager Power Projection Enablers (P2E), and Product Director Korea Transformation (KT) and any future I3C2 organization.

  • NETCENTS 2 (FA8732-15-D-0035) – Network-Centric Information Technology, Networking, Telephony, and Security (NCITNTS), Voice, Video and Data Communications Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) products, system solutions and services to the Air Force and other DoD Agencies worldwide.
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  • Connections II (GS00Q12NSD0016) – Government's one-stop shop for telecom, network, and communications solutions.
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  • NC3A NATO BOA (NC3A/BOA/12856) – NATO nations purchasing agreement providing voice, data, UC solutions.
  • IMOD (W91QUZ-06-D-0027) – ID/IQ program supporting the upgrade and modernization of enterprise voice and data networks and infrastructure solutions for the U.S. Army and DoD agencies worldwide.
  • GSA Region 3 Telecommunication Services (GS03T12DSD7001) – Rapid acquisition vehicle for government agencies in a five-state region (MD, PA, VA, DE, and WV) providing a one-stop shop for voice and data solutions and services.
  • SPAWAR COTS (N65236-12-D-4130) – Rapid acquisition vehicle providing Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) equipment for network and communications systems and services in support of government customers worldwide.
  • Seaport-E (N00178-08-D-5507) – Professional support services and engineering, technical support services. To review the Government Solutions Quality Assurance Program, click here.

Subcontract Vehicles:

  • GSA Alliant – GSA contract for IT professional services.
  • NETCENTS 2 – Network-Centric Information Technology, Networking, Telephony, and Security (NCITNTS), Voice, Video and Data Communications Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) products, system solutions and services to the Air Force and other DoD Agencies worldwide.
  • SPAWAR Telephony & Telecom Maintenance Support Services (N65236-10-D-5827 via CENTECH) – Supports voice, voicemail, optical, and data networking systems and associated OSP, ISP, E911, and ancillary equipment.
  • SPAWAR PAC LANT HQ Global C4ISR (Sea Enterprise II) (N0003911D0031 via VT Milcom; N0003911D0032 via Serco; N0003911D0033 via Lockheed Martin) – ID/IQ contract providing C4ISR program management, engineering design, and installation services to SPAWAR and DoD customers.
  • SPAWAR TCI Pillar (N65236-13-D-5830 via Chugach) – Transport & Computing Infrastructure Services, 8a set-aside. ID/IQ Contract for IT Services in support of Ashore, Afloat, Mobile, and Joint Federal and DoD customer base supporting IT and communications infrastructure and services worldwide.
  • CTSS-2 – O&M support for base network, technical control facility and circuit actions, telephone, land mobile radio, and inside/outside cable plant for the Air Force.
  • OMDAC-SWACA – On-site maintenance services at Army locations throughout SWA.
  • ITES-2S – IT solutions and services for Army, DoD and other Federal agencies.
  • ITES-2H – IT equipment for server, storage, and network environments related integration services; and for maintenance/warranty of legacy IT equipment.
  • R2-3G (DAAB0703DB007 via Computer Sciences Corporation) – Army's ID/IQ rapid response contract to provide critical equipment and services supporting new and existing systems to any DOD and other Federal agencies, homeland defense security contract.
  • VA T4 (VA11811D1001 via FirstView) – Provides IT and telecommunication services to modernize the VA's IT infrastructure.
  • GTACS (W15P7T-13-D-0019 via Trace Systems) – Contract vehicle supporting tactical command, control, and communications system hardware, software, engineering, and sustainment for PEO C3T mission to develop, field, and support networked communication systems.

GSA Schedules

  • GS-35F-0905R – IT services and telecom products
  • GS-35F-0158J – Black Box's IT Schedule 70 &endash; innovative telecommunications products
  • GS-35F-0156V – Avaya (Red) Professional IT services and telecom products
  • GS-35F-0563U – Westcon (Cisco) Professional IT services and telecom products
  • GS-35F-0511T – Immix (Brocade) IT services, products
  • GS-07F-0736X – GSA Schedule 84 - security and surveillance solutions

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