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We design and implement products that meet or exceed the specific needs of our customers. This best-of-breed equipment is the basis for developing our unique offerings. Our systems work in applications like conference rooms, board rooms, auditoriums, and medical settings, and are specifically designed for our customers.

We also deliver systems that deliver HD quality to the desktop, plus we have an extensive design and support offering to provide products that ensure a successful bridging and interconnection between systems. Black Box Video Services also helps customers with firewall transversal and the implementation of security-enabled products.

Federal Secure Sector Systems

Black Box Video Services has developed unique systems that deliver the high level of security required by the Federal government. These systems have a secure and non-secure mode and can be easily switched to accommodate the type of meeting. We have implemented these systems in standard carts or custom-designed meeting rooms. Let us develop a new system or upgrade an existing secure system for your meetings.


We have developed one-of-a-kind mobile cart systems for hospitals. These systems provide superior flexibility and are currently in use in the United States and Europe. Come see how special our design is and how its flexibility improves remote diagnostics and other medical applications.

Sector Videoconferencing Systems

Black Box Video Services develops systems with best-of-breed technology that is easily implemented and delivers consistency throughout an organization. This permits end users to easily operate a system regardless of its location.

Conference Room Systems

Many organizations have purchased very expensive conference room systems where more than half of the equipment is overspecified or never used. We believe in efficient design that results in every piece of equipment being accessible, available, and used in your conference room systems. Let us explain how efficient design will result in cost savings, increased performance, and improved ease of use.

HD 1080p Life-Like Rooms

With the advent of telepresence and life-like systems, many customers are asking to implement an HD 1080p solution with large displays. We do this every day at a fraction of the price of expensive pre-packaged telepresence systems. Because of the increased size and reduced cost of LCD screens, we can easily design a system delivering 1080p life-like video without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per room plus $8-$12K a month in network and service costs.


Black Box Video Services has extensive experience in selling and implementing telepresence solutions. When the telepresence market gained momentum, the idea was to deliver HD 1080p life-like video and audio to customers with a consistent design. Compared to older standard definition videoconferencing, the results were impressive. Since that introduction, the basic videoconferencing system has improved to deliver HD 1080p video. Also, the price of LCD screens has declined and size has increased. Today we routinely deliver 65" or larger single-, dual-, and triple-screen systems with high-fidelity audio that operates at 1080p. In our experience, the power consumption and room modifications required to implement telepresence requires an extremely large investment and time. Also a telepresence room is not conducive to any other type of meeting.

The network and service costs for a telepresence room can be 10 to 20 times the amount for a dual 65" room operating at 1080p using efficient design from Black Box Video Services. We do recommend that customers understand the full range of other systems that can deliver life-like video at HD 1080p before buying telepresence. Also customers need to understand the motivations of equipment providers to sell higher dollar equipment and carriers to force customers into a high dollar network and service model over multiple years. Today the difference in quality between telepresence systems and efficiently designed, normal 1080p systems is negligible and decreasing as video/audio improvements for the mainstream market become available.

We can implement a telepresence room for our customers if needed. We just want to make sure our customers are making informed decisions and not ones based upon comparisons to 15-year-old technology.



Delivering superior technical support is our highest priority. Depending on the products or services we provide for you, please visit your appropriate support area.

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