Implementing a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution can not only dramatically enhance your network but also affect the entire way your organization communicates. Because VoIP technology,
also known as IP telephony, can now deliver the functionality and quality of service required for voice applications, the business rationale for implementing a VoIP solution may be stronger than ever.

As a leader in converged communications, Black Box Network Services can implement a VoIP solution to enable your organization to take advantage of the best IP telephony technology has to offer.

A VoIP solution from Black Box Network Services provides:
• Secure, reliable communications that take advantage of your IP infrastructure
• Solutions that can scale from one to 10,000+ users seamlessly
• Flexible functionality that can improve agility to respond to other employees and your customers
• Potential cost savings from centralized network administration, bandwidth optimization, and reduced usage fees—and other money-saving opportunities
• Application enablement to take advantage of the latest in Unified Communications and rich, multimedia services
• Streamlined move, add, and change capabilities that can reduce time and administrative costs

Black Box Network Services has more than 30 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining complex voice and data networks. With an extensive portfolio of platforms and applications from today’s leading manufacturers—and a full line of Day-2 and maintenance support services—we deliver comprehensive VoIP solutions for organizations of all sizes and in all kinds of industries. No other provider offers the breadth of solutions and depth of experience that we do.

With a VoIP solution from Black Box Network Services, you’ll not only receive the latest IP telephony platforms and applications, you'll also receive our commitment to support your migration every step of the way.

Getting the most from a VoIP solution does not end at deployment. To maximize your investment, you should monitor your solution for health and performance.

Black Box Network Services offers comprehensive VoIP and data network monitoring applications that can automatically monitor all interfaces on your entire network.

Our VoIP performance monitoring applications include:
• Total visibility to your network.
• Reports that document pathing information between any two endpoints and the health of all involved interfaces.
• Utilization and packet loss tracking so that you can know where the problem is—and why—for quicker resolution.
• Available as a license or as a Black Box service.

Let us help you take the step to VoIP
To learn more about our VoIP solutions or performance monitoring capabilities, contact us.



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