Change Management

Black Box Network Services has the practices, tools and experience that can help you minimize the change impacts and maximize the benefits to your network, employees, and customers. We will work together with your organization to ensure the change occurs smoothly and successfully.

Black Box's Change Management methodology is designed to:

  • Prevent or minimize negative impacts
  • Provide standard tools for planning, tracking and reporting changes
  • Establish processes for approving/rejecting proposed changes
  • Ensure that any problems or concerns are addressed and escalated in an expedited manner
  • Provide a forum for analyzing the impact of the change

Black Box will provide you with:

  • Detailed action plan
    • Assessment and documentation of initial risk and impact
    • Risk level assessment (Low, Medium, High)
  • Milestone plan
  • Test plan
  • Back out plan

Black Box will be responsible for managing, organizing, scheduling, and forecasting requested changes including:

  • Installation* security changes
  • Product correction updates* Emergency repair activities
  • Configuration changes* Minor software releases
  • Routing changes* Major software releases

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