Asset Tracking

Black Box Network Services can free up your resources by assuming responsibility for the asset tracking of your voice and network equipment and software in a single Configuration Management Database (CMDB). We implement records management processes that will enable you to make informed life cycle management decisions on assets. We track assets status such as End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Manufacturer Support (EOMS) so you can make informed decisions on asset deployment, upgrade and replacement.

Black Box provides a comprehensive site survey service to confirm network and voice system inventories. We develop customer specific procedures that ensure your voice and network assets are accurately identified, tagged, and entered into the CMDB. We will inventory spare parts as an essential step in keeping the performance of the network communication services operating at the levels required for your SLAs. Black Box will also comply with your security policies for the de-installation and/or disposal of network hardware.

Our life cycle approach to managed assets includes:

  • Identifying the need
  • Designing the solution
  • Procuring the assets
  • Maintaining and monitoring performance
  • Modifying or upgrading the assets
  • Decommissioning, redeploying, or disposing of the assets

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