Trade show and conference exhibitors

You're there to spotlight your latest offerings, and if you're offering anything remotely related to technology, you better showcase it with the latest technology available. Digital signage projects the image of innovation and says to the trade show or conference attendee that your company is truly cutting edge—not just in what it sells but also in how it presents itself.

Use digital signage in this environment to:

Differentiate yourself from the pack.
In a busy trade show atmosphere, getting noticed is paramount. And no doubt about it, digital signage with its vivid colors, streaming and floating text, and booming stereo sound attracts attention. It's especially helpful if what you're selling is quite similar to that of others at the show. Gain the edge by investing in a system that enables you to be seen as the leader in your field.

Create a dynamic, bigger-than-life business card.
Guests wandering in and out of your space don't have time to wait to speak to you. (And, let's face it, sometimes they really don't want to hear a sales pitch.) In lieu of this one-on-one interaction, you need something to deliver your value proposition to the prospect. A big-screen digital signage display broadcasts your selling points loud and clear to those far and near your booth and serves as a colorful call to action.

Help customers visualize what you can do for them.
The best salesman or the nicest brochure is no substitute for showing a product in action, in the field and in a number of applications. For that, a video presentation is most valuable. But to entice interest, you need to project it big. A large plasma display does just that without the limitations or space requirements of an old projector. Even better, the high pixel count of its display resolution and the richly saturated color make it ideal for focusing on very intricate components.

Enable viewing from the oddest of angles.
A digital signage display that uses plasma technology is optimized for viewing in trade show environments, much better than an ordinary monitor on a table or cart. The bright image suits booths situated in brightly lit rooms, plus it has a wide viewing angle, so it can be seen by attendees even if they aren't directly in front of the screen. Even better, a plasma screen's thin form factor makes it a good fit for tight exhibit spaces.

Stream content customized for a known audience.
Many digital signage players give you the flexibility to update content on the fly. Use this feature to target specific attendees, or even profile customers ahead of time, create a dynamic sales presentation that addresses their needs, and cue it up to play when you have their attention. You can also have on-demand content delivered remotely, with your home office staff redesigning and feeding multimedia presentations to your booth over an IP connection.

Integrate your content with live video feeds.
With the right technology, you can even mix your prerecorded video and audio with live TV and Internet feeds for display on one large screen. Attract visitors to your booth with news-oriented content—a live broadcast of stock market activity, for instance—juxtaposed with a window showing video of your latest and greatest product. And with today's content-generation tools, you can do this quickly without any advanced design skills.



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