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Corporate Employees

Busy employees often overlook or ignore posters. Strengthen your internal communications by replacing paper-based signage with digital signage in gathering areas, such as break rooms, cafeterias, and department reception areas.

Use carefully positioned plasma and LCD screens to:

Save the time it takes to distribute—and correct—information.
Making copies to post or hand out, and then having to fix and alert recipients to errors in those materials can be very time consuming. Avoid having to do this by using a centrally controlled or remotely managed digital signage system to broadcast corporate-approved information across a campus or across a global enterprise. You'll not only disseminate info much more quickly—and save on printing costs—but you'll also have the ability to correct and customize content on the fly, even from an off-site location.

Make manufacturing operations more efficient.
Get real-time, supply chain-related info to employees through screens hanging from ceilings or on walls near the assembly line or in break areas. Go a step further by installing interactive touch screens for process control. Or use Hi-Def screens for training right where employees work or for distributing CCTV video from one area of the plant to another.

Communicate everyday info more effectively.
As soon as they walk in, they'll know the day's agenda, where meetings will be held, important orders to fill, stock prices, and even whose birthday it is. That's because it's all right there on a screen inside the door, automatically delivered via links to a corporate intranet, Access® database, Outlook® CRM system, and RSS tickers. They no longer have to wade through e-mails or interrupt work for morning staff meetings to get this info.

Alert them to emergencies.
Employees often tune out announcements over a public address system. Broadcast critical, time-sensitive, or weather-related info, or even evacuation orders, by pushing impossible-to-ignore audio alerts and live video feeds to screens in offices and factory floor areas campus-wide.

Motivate your workforce.
Punch up your pep talks. Make internal messaging resonate. An encouraging voice over colorful bar graphs and other imagery will better illustrate how far you have to go as a company, whether it's making sales goals, satisfying customers, achieving an accident-free safety record, promoting healthy living, and more.

Communicate policy and benefit plan changes.
Display them in big, bold letters, instead of tacking printed-out memos to a bulletin board. People gravitate to colorful, big-screen presentations, which makes them ideal for communicating info employees ordinarily regard as dry and boring.

Spotlight company achievements.
A photo of your Employee of the Month or an executive who's landed a major account isn't enough. Make them feel truly appreciated with a bigger-than-life video of them receiving an award or much-deserved pat on the back. You'll make the job of retaining good workers a lot easier.



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