Hotel guests, especially business travelers, demand information to guide them in unfamiliar locales. And they want personalized service, whether it's on-demand video in their rooms or a warm greeting when they walk through your doors. Digital signage does wonders at delivering relevant and helpful info to guests in a hurry and even enables you to customize content for arriving groups or individuals.

Use screens and monitors in a hotel to:

Promote your restaurant and bar offerings.
Digital signage positioned at points around a hotel can be used to advertise drink specials and menu items in hotel restaurant and lounges—and promote these facilities as ideal places to interact with clients and colleagues. You can even configure the screens to dynamically update throughout the day to reflect breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials, and spotlight what's most appetizing. Hi-Def LCDs are just what you need to present your chef's creations as culinary works of art.

Keep guests informed of hotel offerings.
Pool hours, the location of the fitness room, the availability of broadband Internet, checkout times. You want to publicize this info to make things convenient for guests and to reduce the number of calls to the front desk. Conspicuous digital displays streaming hotel-related info give guests the answers to commonly asked questions as they check in and exit elevators. And if the info relates to something you charge extra for (such as massage, concierge, and dry cleaning services, as well as pay-per-view movies), you promote usage of these profit-adding items.

Keep guests informed of the outside world.
Use newer technology to link your electronic lobby signage to media players that generate content automatically. These can be dynamic feeds from cable news and weather stations, as well as Web-based RSS news feeds and stock price tickers, displayed in zones on a screen with your hotel logo emblazoned in the corner. If necessary, interrupt the feed to broadcast local information and alert guests to changing travel conditions.

Tailor content to groups and conventioneers.
Roll out the welcome mat for convention, conference, and wedding guests with digital signage in lobbies and other areas. They'll appreciate it, and remember you next time they book another event. And don't stop there. Customize content to their specific needs. Guide them where to go with directions to banquet rooms and roll conference room schedules on-screen. Also, showcase conference speakers and topics as part of the scheduled streaming content.

Sell content to other advertisers.
Supplement your own offerings by connecting guests with the services and products of businesses in your city—and generate a separate stream of advertising revenue for your hotel. Run ads for local restaurants, tour groups, limo and shuttle services, museums, and other local attractions, as well as paid content relating to trade shows. You can administer the content in-house or hire another company to sell digital signage space and deliver it to your screens via a remote connection.

Extend the content to guest rooms, too.
Content shown on large plasma screens in the lobby and other common areas can be distributed to hotel rooms, too—often using existing hotel infrastructure. This way, you ensure that more guests view your content plus you can charge a higher advertising rate for other companies' content. With the right technology, you can even tailor content to the specific type of guest, targeting some clientele with upscale advertising and narrowcasting convention- or trade show-related info—even live camera feeds from the convention floor—to the rooms of guests in town for those events.



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