Arrival and departure times change like the weather, and having easy access to up-to-date information is crucial for air travelers. Yes, leader board screens work, but they're not always attention grabbing. And it's nice to be able to display a bit more than just a scrolling list of flights and times. You want to provide video that's not only informative but also entertaining—which can be particularly helpful at helping passengers pass the time during long flight delays and layovers. That's where a full-scale digital signage system helps.

Use digital signage to:

Stream content to fit the room or space.
With the different sized panels and the wide array of plasma, LCD, LED, CRT, and other video technologies available, you now have the flexibility to set up signage that perfectly fits your space and lighting. Ceiling-mounted LCDs can be used in seating areas at gates, in restrooms, and at baggage claim carousels; plasma panels can be used behind counters and as digital billboards above escalators and moving walkways, in wide concourses, or on walls in airport malls. Or think big and build a video wall of multiple screens projecting multiple images or a composite image spread over multiple screens.

Gain easy advertising revenue.
Business travelers spend a lot of time in airports, and advertisers love them because they're part of a demographic that buys a lot of high-ticket items. Connect the two and reap substantial revenue with dynamic digital signage set up to stream ads anywhere this captive audience goes to pass the time. What's nice is the advertising content itself is provided— and paid for—by others. But you can get creative, too. Using the latest digital media player technology, for instance, you can mix paid content with entertainment, stock tickers, and your own airport-related info—and, if necessary, you can interrupt single or multiple content feeds to issue important announcements.

Orient visitors with wayfinding kiosks.
Travelers unfamiliar with your city need directions, inside and outside the airport. Give it to them through digital kiosks and visitor centers at airport crossways. Along with ads from local limo and shuttle service providers, hotels, restaurants, and car rental companies, these kiosks can include local broadcast TV feeds, weather forecasts, and travel advisories, as well as large-scale maps of the airport, parking garages, and your metropolitan area. To make it an on-demand experience for visitors, include interactive touch screens that connect them quickly to the info they need, even in another language.

Broadcast emergency alerts and instructions.
As part of Homeland Security, airports have put contingency plans in place to deal with a myriad of threats. Central to any emergency plan is the ability to broadcast accurate and helpful info to the public fast—and in the most attention-getting way possible. Digital signage is just the tool for this. Through Hi-Def screens, you can issue evacuation orders and other instructions in great detail with colorful maps and easy-to-follow arrows and icons. Instructions can be streamed system wide with the push of a button, even from a remote location, and content can be updated quickly to match current conditions. And by being able to disseminate accurate info quickly, you can prevent undue panic when false alarms occur.

Enable a faster flow of foot traffic.
Everyone's rushing to get through the security checkpoints. Giving advanced warning to passengers on what to expect can expedite the process. Traditional static signage can only communicate so much. Instead, use a series of colorful digital signage displays, with bold, bulleted instructions, video images, and audio voiceovers to remind travelers entering the airport of what's not permitted on flights and to better explain the screening process ahead. Digital signs showing the same instructions in different languages also help. Flyers will thank you, and shorter queues mean fewer missed flights.



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