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Resources to help you research, plan, and choose a digital signage solution that fits your needs—and your budget.

What it is

Learn more about digital signage system components, including media players, display devices, distribution products, cabling, and mounting hardware. Also see our handy glossary of industry terms.

How to plan it

A step-by-step tutorial on what you need to do to successfully implement your digital signage project. Also case studies detailing how others went about getting a system that’s right for their needs. Read the white papers Digital Signage Content 101. and Seven Pitfalls to Avoid When Planning Digital Signage.

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You’ve researched it, now order what you need to make it happen. Find a solution to your specific task and see diagrams showing our products in common digital signage applications.

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Who benefits from it

Read more about how digital
signage has been put to use helping corporate employees, retailers, hotel operators, trade show exhibitors,
K–12 and higher-ed institutions,
and airports.

Why you should get it

Five great reasons why you should be using digital signage to boost sales, communicate with your audiences, and enhance the overall image of your company, facility, or organization.

Get your questions answered

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Digital signage. No other medium makes it possible to deliver compelling content at the right location at the right time for maximum impact. It works whether the goal is to:

• Increase sales and profits.
• Encourage certain behavior.
• Satisfy customers or employees.
• Improve business processes.
• Or all of the above.

It’s why retailers, airports, hotels, universities, and others have embraced digital signage—and it’s why you should too.

Follow the links on this page to find the tools, resources, and guidance that will help you successfully implement your digital signage solution. Learn about:

• The components of a digital signage system, including what’s used to create, source, distribute, and display content.
• The terminology used in the industry.
• How to develop an action plan based on a site survey, your budget, and your available content, resources, and staff.
• Determining your ROI and measuring its effectiveness.
• How to overcome potential concerns at the start.
• How to specify a complete solution, everything from a simple, single-screen setup to a fully networked one with displays in many areas.

Plus, you can see:

• How digital signage has helped companies and organizations reach their target audiences.
• Just how easy it is to implement, and how it has become affordable for even small businesses.
• Why so many have embraced digital signage as a means to improve both internal and external messaging.
• Who it has benefited by reading case studies and success stories.

And if you�re interested in improving communications on your school campus, be sure to read the FREE research report, Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education, a study conducted by the Platt Retail Institute.

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Also be sure to ask us about special pricing for integrators, installers, and educational institutions, as well as GSA Schedule products for federal, state, and local governments.



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