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• Control larger digital signage displays with multiple screens and even rotate images. The solution.

• Specify LCD screens optimized for professional digital signage. The solution.

• Set up plasma screens with wider viewing angles. The solution.

• Mount your displays safely out of the way on a wall or ceiling. The solution.

• Place an HDMI LCD screen or plasma display up to 130 feet from the source. The solution.

• Transmit DVI signals for 1080i or 720p HDTV video more than 30 feet at 1280 x 1024 resolution. The solution.

• Boost DVI signals to a digital signage plasma or LCD screen up to 100 feet away. The solution.

• Broadcast Hi-Def video and stereo to digital signage over CAT5 or higher cable. The solution.

• Extend DVI and audio, plus serial touch screen control, extended distances over CAT5 or higher cable. The solution.

• Extend DVI and audio, plus serial touch screen control, extended distances over fiber cable. The solution.

• Play prerecorded MPEG, Flash®, and Windows® AVI content on digital signage. The solution.

• Convert VGA to Composite, S-Video, or Component signals for a display application. The solution.

• Set up high-resolution computer-to-TV conversion and run video overlays. The solution.

• Scale the resolution of an HDTV (or a PC) video signal up or down to match that of another HDTV (or PC). The solution.

• Switch between multiple video inputs to patch in more than one video feed to a digital signage screen. The solution.

• Buffer, boost, and extend VGA or Component video signals up to 500 feet over ordinary CAT5 cable. The solution.

• Extend keyboard and mouse signals along with VGA video signals over CAT5 cable. The solution.

• Use baluns to extend HDTV video, as well as digital or analog audio, over CAT5 cable. The solution.

• Transmit S-Video and audio signals over CAT5 with economical baluns. The solution.

• Use inexpensive baluns to extend high-resolution Component or single-signal Composite video equipment. The solution.

• Extend Composite video signals and audio over UTP with affordable baluns. The solution.

• Use baluns to extend up to four Composite video signals over CAT5. The solution.

• Connect remote RGB monitors via baluns over CAT5 UTP cable. The solution.

• Use baluns to extend baseband color video extended distances over ordinary CAT5 cable. The solution.

• Run one S-Video signal or dual baseband Composite video signals up to 2500 feet to eight locations over CAT5. The solution.

• Extend VGA or VGA and audio up to 500 feet using ordinary CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 cable. The solution.

• Reproduce high-quality video and sound up to 1000 feet using twisted-pair cable. The solution.

• Broadcast VGA video plus a full-modem 19.2-baud serial control signals up to 1000 feet over CAT5. The solution.

• Send VGA or Component video plus analog or stereo audio up to 1500 feet over inexpensive CAT5 cable. The solution.

• Extend S-Video, Component, Composite, or RGBHV video, stereo audio, and serial data over CAT5. The solution.

• Send Component video and digital audio to 8 or 16 displays in different locations over CAT5. The solution.

• Broadcast a VGA image up to 360 feet or remotely control a projector with RS-232 serial inputs over CAT5. The solution.

• Broadcast VGA video and audio to multiple displays from a LAN without using network bandwidth. The solution.

• Boost VGA signals up to 700 feet to two screens without any signal distortion. The solution.

• Control multimedia devices via IP connections while using virtually any platform. The solution.

• Add keyboard, monitor, and mouse (KVM control) to a multimedia extension application. The solution.

• Transmit RGBHV video and stereo audio to a digital signage display over a single fiber strand. The solution.

• Use interference-free fiber to extend DVI digital or analog signals to three displays. The solution.

• Extend DVI multimedia over a single fiber and display video on two remote displays. The solution.

• Extend Composite, Component, 480p HDTV, Progressive Scan DVD, or S-Video over a single fiber. The solution.

• Split a PC's DVI signals to two or four separate DVI displays in a digital signage application. The solution.

• Replicate HDMI video and audio output for display on two, four, or more HDTV screens. The solution.

• Split VGA signals, as well as audio, to digital signage screens in multiple locations. The solution.

• Send one Composite or S-Video signal with or without audio to two signage locations. The solution.

• Output Component video to two screens or switch between two Component sources. The solution.

• Split RGB, S-Video, or Composite video signals to screens in different locations. The solution.

• Split video signals from a Mac® or Sun® computer to up to four displays. The solution.

• Switch between DVI-I video ports locally or via a serial connection, and enjoy audio, too. The solution.

• Boost signals to three HDMI digital signage displays or devices up to 50 feet away. The solution.

• Switch two or four VGA video sources, and even audio, to a single monitor. The solution.

• Save money by using a tried-and-true manual HD15 switch to select VGA paths. The solution.

• Push a button to switch between four input ports (one VGA, two Composite, and one S-Video). The solution.

• Show VGA video images from two separate sources on multiple displays. The solution.

• Share and switch between as many as four video sources for output to multiple video displays. The solution.

• Add a DVI display or two to a PC via a standard USB connection. The solution.

• Add an additional VGA monitor connection using a CPU's USB port. The solution.

• Connect a monitor and USB and serial devices to a secure server over an IP network. The solution.

• Display DVD or VCR video on a VGA monitor or an HDTV device. The solution.

• Simultaneously display video from four USB or PS/2® computers on a single VGA or DVI monitor. The solution.

• Correct RGB output from VGA or Component video and eliminate color drift. The solution.

• Test, calibrate, and troubleshoot VGA, HDTV Component, and DVI display equipment. The solution.

• Extend just analog or digital audio over inexpensive CAT5 cable. The solution.

• Use DLP projectors instead of flat screens for brilliant, portable presentations. The solution.

• Convert video from your PC for a digital signage projector with one simple box. The solution.

• Control single or multiple video inputs to your projectors. The solution.

• Invert VGA output horizontally for rear-projection systems. The solution.

• Automate projector and device functions for presentations. The solution.

• Roam free while wirelessly controlling a multimedia projector presentation. The solution.

• Show video on large or small projector screens while on the road. The solution.

• Control digital signage from workstations specifically designed for multimedia pros. The solution.

• Store multimedia equipment in a secure, fan-ventilated cabinet. The solution.

• Get high-quality video cable for your display connections and links. The solution.

• Order economical audio cabling to bring clear sound to a signage site. The solution.

• Pull a video or audio cable once and when equipment changes, just snap on a different connector. The solution.

• Choose economical CAT5 cabling for your video extensions. The solution.

• Provision quality cable for digital signage products that work with CAT5e. The solution.

• Extend video over secure, interference-free multimode fiber cabling. The solution.

• Take your fiber-based digital signage farther over longer distances. The solution.

• For coax runs between video equipment, get guaranteed-for-life cables. The solution.

• In applications where serial control is required, use quality RS-232 cable. The solution.

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