Graphics Display System

ChyTV Video Information Display Systems

Display messages and graphics anywhere there's a TV.

Mini CAT5 Extender

Mini CAT5 Extenders

Extend video up to 500 feet—or farther—over ordinary CAT5 cable.

VGA Extenders

VGA Extenders

Place remote monitors and speakers up to 500 feet from your PC.

Multimedia Extenders

Wizard Multimedia Extenders

Go the distance with video and audio over CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 cable.

CAT5 Video/RS-232 Extender

CAT5 Video/RS-232 Extender

Extend video and RS-232 signals up to 360 feet!

CAT5 Multi Video System Audio

CAT5 Multi Video System Audio

Transmit VGA to UXGA video plus analog audio over CAT5 cable.

CAT5 Multi Video System RS-232

CAT5 Multi Video System, Video and Control Data

VGA video plus data over inexpensive CAT5 cable.

CAT5 Multi Distribution Amp and Switch

CAT5 Multi Distribution Amp and Switch

Use with CAT5 Multi units to send signals to an exact number of displays.

RGBHV/Stereo Fiber Extender

RGBHV/Stereo-Audio Fiber Extender

Transmit audio and video over a single fiber strand.

Universal Video Audio to Fiber Extender

Universal Video/Stereo Audio Fiber Extender

Ensure the quality of video and audio sent in noisy environments.

DVI Splitters

Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Splitters

For eye-catching digital images on multiple screens, order a splitter!

2 Channel Component Video Splitter/Switch

2-Channel Component Video Splitter/Switch

Output Component video to two screens or switch between two Component sources.

1-2 Port Video Splitters

1-to-2 Port Video Splitters

Send one video signal or one video signal with audio to two locations.

Compact VGA Video Splitters

Compact VGA Video Splitters

Link multiple monitors to one PC for a great presentation seen by many.

4 Port XGA Video Splitter

4-Port XGA Video Splitter

Connect four XGA or VGA monitors to one PC.

Compact CAT5 Audio/Video Splitters

Compact CAT5 Audio/Video Splitters

Use CAT5 cable to send both stereo audio and video to multiple locations.

2/4 Port Audio/Video Splitters

2-Port & 4-Port Audio/Video Splitters

400-MHz, 2048x1536 resolution keeps pace with today's highest video standards.

CAT5 VGA Video Splitters

CAT5 VGA Video Splitters

Simultaneously broadcast to four remote monitors!

CAT5 Audio/Video Splitters

CAT5 Audio/Video Splitters

Send audio and video from your CPU to two or four monitors.

Compact Audio/Video Broadcaster

Compact CAT5 Audio/Video Broadcaster

Broadcast real-time audio and video over inexpensive CAT5 cable.

DVI Switches

DVI Switches

Route multiple DVI-I video inputs to a single display.

Compact Video Switches

Compact VGA Switches

Switch between two or four VGA video sources to a single monitor.

Video/Audio Switch

4-to-1 S-Video/Audio Switch w/Serial Control

Connect DVD, VCR, and CD player devices to your TV.

Matrix Video Splitters

Matrix Video Switches

Mix and match video displays from four or eight PCs.

CAT5 Video/RS-232 Extender

VGA/HDTV Scaler Plus

Manipulate and mirror your video output for use with teleprompters.

Video to VGA Converter

Video to VGA Converter

Display Composite video on your VGA monitor—no software needed!

Multi-Input Video Scaler

Multi-Input Video Scaler

A multimedia box for the conference room or home theater.

VGA Baluns

VGA Baluns

Use low-cost CAT5 cable instead of VGA cable for your long video runs.

Keyboard/Mouse Extender

Keyboard/Mouse Extender

Send your keyboard and mouse signals up to 350 feet without power!

S-Video Balun

S-Video Balun/S-Video Balun w/Dual Audio Balun

Send S-Video and audio signals up to 1000 feet over simple CAT5 cable!

Video Test Pattern Generator

Video Test Pattern Generator

Test, calibrate, and troubleshoot video equipment and AV installations.

Compact RGB Skew Compensator

Compact RGB Skew Compensator

No more shadows! Correct RGB output from VGA or Component video and eliminate color drift.

ViewSonic Value-Series 19 inch LCD Display

ViewSonic Value-Series 19" LCD Display

These slim bezel displays offer analog or analog/digital connections.

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