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About This Video
This hands-on Tips for Techs video takes you inside the Black Box Training Center to show you how to terminate and test cabling for a copper installation. The video begins with a step-by-step demonstration of terminating a patch cable up to the CAT6 specification, with special focus on how to cut and strip the cabling in a way that ensures good signaling integrity. Next, it covers how to validate and verify a backbone link between a patch panel and workstation. The video tutorial then demonstrates what kind of tester you’ll need if you must certify and document a copper link, then ends with a discussion on what you’ll need to simply verify the Ethernet performance of a cable run.
Kevin: In this Tips for Techs, we’re showing how to terminate and test copper cable. This hands-on demonstration will cover best practices and include the tools and testing products you’ll need at the different steps in the process. For clarity, we’ve divided this video into three parts. We’ll start with how to terminate and test patch cab more