PremNet® 5000 Manager
CMS™ Application for Windows™

Technical Specifications

Application Drawing

  • Detailed views of PremNet interface modules
  • Runs on CMS 400 network management system
  • Preconfigured SNMP command groups
  • Virtual circuit configuration
  • On-line testing
  • Inventory reports
  • Dynamic ring monitor
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) supported

The PremNet® 5000 Manager is an SNMP-based software application designed to fully manage and control the Milgo PremNet 5000 system equipped with the Enhanced Network Management Module (ENMM). This client application runs on the Milgo CMS® 400 network management system.

Application Drawing

Network configuration is "point and click" with the graphical view of the network.

The PremNet 5000 application allows you to configure virtual circuits over a PremNet ring network, using a graphical user interface (GUI). In addition, you can monitor each interface module, its performance, provide extended network-wide statistics, and integrate traps by simply selecting the element to be managed.

Transport of a variety of applications, including data, voice, and video over the PremNet backbone can be accommodated easily via the management system:

Just Point and Click
Create, modify, or delete circuits by "pointing and clicking" in the graphical view of the rings. The PremNet 5000 application creatively displays each node in a ring as a chassis with individual card slots.

When creating a circuit, available slots are highlighted for quick selection of suitable I/O modules that are available for the type of circuit being configured. Additionally, as I/O modules are selected, the circuit definition appears as a textual description in a separate window.

Available On-line Testing
Testing features provide added value to the systems credibility. The PremNet 5000 system can run tests of each module from the central site. Card-specific test applications provide screens that are tailored to each specific technology to simplify and facilitate real-time diagnostics. In addition, individual ports can be tested and the results monitored. If desired, tests can be reconfigured using different parameters whenever you choose.

Interactive reports provide operator prompts for part number, revision levels or serial number range and return network or nodal level reports to help track your equipment. Reports are handy to show existing revision levels when planning for upgrades.

Monitor the Rings
The Ring Monitor feature provides a graphical view of the physical ring layout, status and operation. You can select a PremNet node in the ring, then request summary and statistics for the node. Or, you can display the node's current status. When a ring break is detected and bypassed by PremNet, the application displays the affected components, the position of the break and the current signal path inside and outside the chassis on the ring. The content of the display is based on information available in the PremNet Management Information Base (MIB).

Application Drawing

Graphical views may be oriented to display either the A-B or the C-D physical ring.

PremNet™ 5000 Manager Technical Specifications

Management Platform

RAM (Minimum)

Disk Space (Minimum)

Milgo CMS 400

16 Mbytes

15 Mbytes

The PremNet 5000 Manager application runs on Microsoft Windows 3.1, Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows NT. It requires WIN32S to be installed when using Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups.

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