Excalibur ISX 5311

Technical Specifications

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  • Economical T-1/FT1 access
  • Complete SNMP agent for standards-based management
  • Extended SNMP MIB provides extensive diagnostics and control
  • Telnet client support
  • Custom management application available
  • SNMP management via direct Ethernet (10Base-T) port connection
  • LCD front panel
  • Flash memory for software upgrades
  • Compact size

The Excalibur™ ISX (Integrated Services Express) 5311 is an intelligent, full-featured, single-port T-1 DSU/CSU. It connects high-speed bridges, routers, and other Data Terminal Equipment (DTE), providing economical access to high-speed public/private T-1/FT1, and Frame Relay services. Models are available with an asynchronous PPP/SLIP or an Ethernet (10Base-T) SNMP interface.

SNMP Management Protocol
The ISX 5311 can be fully managed via SNMP. The integral MIB-II-compliant SNMP agent provides a standards-based management interface, allowing you to manage your entire network with any SNMP-based management application. Full Telnet client support is included. In addition, a Windows™-based, front-panel emulation software package is included at no additional cost. This package provides another management access method should you not have access to an SNMP application.

ISX 5300 Manager Offers Custom Graphical Interface for Simplified Management
To simplify network management, Milgo offers the ISX5300 Manager for CMS 400. This Windows-based SNMP management application provides an intuitive graphical interface tailored specifically for ISX 5300 series products. You can use this application to fully configure the ISX 5311, monitor its performance, display statistics, and conduct tests, without having to send individual Set and Get commands.

Direct Ethernet (10Base-T) Connection
The ISX 5311 (optional model) provides a direct Ethernet (10Base-T) connection to the LAN for SNMP management purposes. With a direct LAN connection, you save the expense of dedicating an expensive router port or providing an additional LAN server to route your SNMP traffic.

AT&T ASDS Compatibility
The ISX 5311 is compatible with AT&T® 62411 for both SF (Super Frame) and ESF (Extended Super Frame) formats. The unit supports all ESF diagnostics per AT&T 54016 and ANSI T1.403, and supports AMI (Alternate Mark Inversion) or B8ZS (Bipolar with Eight Zero Substitution) line codes. Independently selectable, alternate, and contiguous DS0 placement are supported, assuring carrier compatibility.

Fast and Easy Fault Isolation
The ISX 5311 provides extensive diagnostic testing that helps quickly isolate the source of network malfunctions. Available tests include CSU loopback, local and remote DTE digital loopback, and local link loopback. Single, contiguous, or all channels on a T-1 link can be looped. The ISX 5311 also provides a built-in QRSS test-pattern generator, which eliminates the need for separate BERT equipment.

The ISX 5311 features three separate sets of 24­hour registers for the T-1 line: user, Telco, and network. Each set of registers monitors line statistics for the current 15-minute interval and for the last 24 hours.

ESF diagnostic information is available and can be reset from the front panel or the management application. This feature provides T-1 circuit-performance monitoring without interrupting normal operation. A variety of alarm conditions are reported and displayed on the front panel or management application. Alarms are recorded for later inspection, providing efficient problem-tracking capabilities.

Application Drawing

Typical ISX 5311 Application

Excalibur™ ISX 5311 Technical Specifications

Line Rate 1.544 MHz +50 Hz
Network Interface Compatibility: AT&T 62411, 54016, 54017A1, ANSI T1.403, and TR-NLP-000054
Format: Super Frame (SF) or Extended Super Frame (ESF)
Line Coding: AMI or B8ZS
Clock Source: Internal, recovered line clock (CSU), external DTE clock
One's Density: B8ZS, AMI (none), AMIB7, AMIZS (zero suppression)
NMI Interface 10-position modular jack, asynchronous PPP/SLIP interface at rates from 75 bps to 19.2 Kbps
Ethernet Interface 10-position modular jack (RJ45), Ethernet (10Base-T) COM port interface (optional model)
Channel Interface Compatibility: One V.35 port
Data Rates: N x 56 Kbps and N x 64 Kbps, where N = 1 to 24
Bundling: Independently selectable, alternate or contiguous
Clocks: Transmit and receive bit clocks
Distance 3000 feet with 22-AWG twisted-pair cable. Up to 6000 feet in LDM mode.
Tests Line loopback; payload loopback; PN127 loopback; CSU, DTE, link loopbacks; link and DTE QRSS pattern tests
Network Diagnostics ESF diagnostics, 24-hour registers and 1-second reports per ANSI T1.403 and AT&T 54016
Approvals FCC Part 15 and Part 68, Industry Canada, CSA, UL approved
Physical Specifications Height: 1.5 inches (3.81 cm)
Width: 5.75 inches (14.6 cm)
Depth:10.25 inches (26.04 cm)
Weight: 1.5 pounds (0.69 kg)
Environmental Operating temperature: 32 to 122 F ( 0 to 50 C)
Storage temperature: -40 to 158 F (-40 to 70 C)
Humidity:10% to 95% noncondensing

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