Excalibur® ISXTM 5300 Manager
CMS® Application for Windows


Application Drawing

  • Complete command and control
  • Advanced MIB configuration
  • Configured traps
  • T-1 ESF (Extended Super Frame) statistics
  • Graphic fault management
    —Interface monitor

  • —Test-path display
  • Runs on CMS 400 network management system
  • A 32-bit distributed Windows application
  • Telnet application
  • Context-sensitive help

The Excalibur® ISXTM 5300 Family Manager is an SNMP-based application designed to fully manage, configure, and control the Milgo ISX 5300 family of T-1/E-1 access devices equipped with an SNMP agent. It offers the latest in 32-bit Windows look and feel. This client application runs on the Milgo CMS® 400 network management system. It supports all the facilities and services of the CMS 400 hub/server, including multiple operators, graphic maps, alarm/event management, and automation.

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Rear-Panel View

Advanced MIB Configuration
The MIB variables are presented in logical groups to help simplify operator access to the extensive selection of configuration options provided by the ISX 5300 series device.

Configured Traps
All alarms from the SNMP-managed device are sent in the form of SNMP traps. These traps may be received by any SNMP management system. The traps are configured on the CMS 400 network management system to reflect the origin, time of the alarm, and the alarm description. Traps are reported in the alarm log and to the managed device icon in Network Map, CMS 400 Big Picture, and Draw Network functions, making the icon change color to represent the severity of the fault that generated the trap.

Application Drawing

Configuration Application

Telnet Application
The Telnet application is launched from the CMS 400 map(s) or the ISX 5300 icon. It offers easy access to the built-in Telnet capabilities supported by the ISX 5300 series units.

T-1 ESF Statistics
The ISX 5300 series MIB provides complete Extended Super Frame statistics that describe current and historical T-1 line conditions and error counts. The ESF statistics-monitor function provides an effective human interface to display these statistics in a precise column format.

Application Drawing

T-1 ESF Line Quality Statistics

Graphical Fault Management
Monitoring and testing is the most important capability of any managed device. ISX 5300 series products provide BERT and loop testing, as well as line and EIA monitoring using the SNMP protocol. The ISX 5300 Manager displays the tests in progress and shows the signal pathways and test results in real time, making it easy to quickly identify network faults and select the proper test with minimal product training.

Application Drawing

Monitor EIA

Application Drawing

Test Application

The ISX 5300 Manager application runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Microsoft Windows NT.

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