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  • Three versions: Standard NMM, NMM-E2A with E2A alarm telemetry support, Enhanced NMM (ENMM) with E2A alarm telemetry and SNMP support
  • Ability to configure and manage the entire campus or metropolitan area network from a single node
  • Choice of physical interfaces
  • Detailed alarm messages allow sophisticated remote problem analysis
  • Enhanced NMM features an 80386SX microprocessor for enhanced performance; 2- to 4-MB of DRAM memory; and up to 1 MB of FLASH-based, in-system (downloadable), upgradable firmware

The PremNet Network Management Modules
The PremNet network management modules provide complete network management for the high-speed PremNet fiber optic backbone system. Actual devices on the network can be separated by distances of up to 50 km, with the same functionality as if all the connected devices were together on the same logical network. "One-stop" network management plays a vital role in maintaining the health and viability of your premise, campus or metropolitan-area network.

The network management module (NMM) is the only PremNet module that requires any hardware configuration. All PremNet interface modules (Ethernet, IBM 3270, 5250, Token Ring, Video, etc.) have built-in microprocessors that gather data and forward it to the PremNet network management system.

If an interface module is replaced, the NMM automatically configures a new module with the same parameters as the previous module. If the NMM is replaced, the new NMM collects configuration information from each installed module, thus "re-learning" the network. Since the NMM is not necessary for network operation, it can even be removed from a configured operating system without affecting data transmission.

Choice of Network Management Platforms
The entire PremNet network can be managed from a variety of network management platforms. You can use your existing SNMP-compliant network management system, the LAN-WAN CMS 400 Management System, or the PremNet local on-board management via an asynchronous terminal attached to any PremNet node.

To accommodate your existing network management platform, there are three versions of the NMM:

Standard NMM - Allows the configuration and management of any PremNet module in any node via commands through either the T-7 (Milgo proprietary) or RS-232 management port. The T-7 port is used to connect a CMS 400 or CMS 6000 management station to the PremNet node.

NMM-E2A - Performs the same functions as the Standard NMM and provides the physical interface required for E2A alarm relay telemetry. Of particular importance to carriers, this version allows six types of network-wide alarm monitoring through special equipment attached to the E2A interface.

Enhanced NMM - Adds full Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) based management of all the PremNet modules and nodes on your PremNet network. Enhanced E2A support adds four "Office Indicators" types of network-wide alarm monitoring, and four Special Signaling Channels (SSCs) inputs.

Truly Transparent Transport
Since PremNet is protocol-independent and does not impose any special topology or connectivity restrictions, your LAN services can easily be bridged or routed via external equipment.

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PremNet™ Network Management Module Technical Specifications

Part Numbers 850001: Standard network management module (NMM)
850059: Network management module - E2A (NMM-E2A)
850019: Enhanced network management module (ENMM)
Ports/Connectors NMM & NMM-E2A: RS-232 (DB-25 female) and T7 (SJ18-type, male)
ENMM: RS-232 (DB-9, female) and T7 (SJ18-type, male)
RS-232 Management Port Configuration Asynchronous clock mode, 300-19.2K baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no arity, XON/XOFF protocol
E2A Port/Alarms NMM-E2A: DB-25 male connector. Alarms: indicator relays for major, minor, I/O module, near-end, far-end and carrier. An opto- coupled input for Remote Alarm Cutoff (ACO)
ENMM: SCSI-2 type, 50-pin connector, female. Same functions as NMM-E2A plus four Office major alarm, minor alarm, I/O module alarm, near-end alarm, far-end alarm and carrier alarm.
Ethernet Ports
(ENMM only)
One 15-pin D-sub connector for 10Base-5 (AUI) and one coax connector for 10Base-2 (Thinnet)
Configuration Maximums One network management module per PremNet chassis

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