CMS™ 400
Dial Access Manager
  • PC based dial modem control
  • Non-interruptive management
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • CCITT standard dial modems
  • Bell standard dial modems
  • Real-time front panel display
  • Graphical chassis display
  • Call back security
  • Reports and graphs
  • Supports Microsoft Windows™
  • Up to 16 operator workstations

Simple Management of Complex Dial Networks
The Milgo™ Dial Access Manager provides extensive management capabilities and total control over your dial modem network via the Communications Management Series (CMS) 400, a component of the Milgo CMS 400 Management System. From a single IBM PC or compatible platform, you can configure, monitor, diagnose and control your entire dial network from a central location.

The Dial Access Manager provides features to monitor and control Milgo CCITT and Bell compatible dial modems. In addition, the Dial Access Manager gives you the ability to manage all dial modems in both your remote and central site intelligent chassis.

You can configure a unit, initiate dial, terminate dial, display statistics, schedule tests, and generate reports on up to 64 intelligent dial chassis and up to 16,000 dial modems.

Architected for Interoperability
The Dial Access Manager is one of several element management modules supported by the Milgo CMS 400 Management System. The system's modular architecture allows integration of diverse Milgo LAN/WAN technologies under a common monitoring and control management structure...providing flexible global network control.

Intelligent Dial Chassis
The intelligent chassis allows you to collect event messages from individual dial modems as they occur. The chassis sends the event messages to the Dial Access Manager for quick, easy identification of current traffic trends. Summary statistics and reports on each dial modem help you track actual utilization, so you can optimize your network at lower operating cost.

Global Management displays up to 15 groups of chassis on a single display screen. These groups of chassis may be paged through, and a single chassis can be selected by a simple point-and-click of your mouse.

You can display all dial products in a particular chassis, and display the status of a chassis. Additionally, you can set the calendar to schedule background gathering of all unit statistics.

Chassis Management displays a graphic representation of a chassis with its units in the slots. You can manage a chassis of dial-up modems by descending to a card-level perspective of one desired unit. The Dial Access Manager provides a dynamic scrolling display of EIA signals for each unit.

Card Management allows you to manage one specific card at a time. You can display the unit name, site, chassis, slot, subslot, model, revision, and serial number of a card in a chassis.

Worldwide Compatibility
When dial modems are managed with the Dial Access Manager you can have worldwide high-speed compatibility and coverage, based on modem compliance with V.32bis and V.33 recommendations. In addition, dial modem compliance with a wide array of lower speed standards lets your system migrate cost-effectively to higher speeds.

Dial modems can operate over dial-up or 2/4-wire leased lines at speeds from 300 to 21,600 bits per second (bps). And they support DTE speeds up to 57,600 bps allowing superior throughput when combined with V.42 bis or MNP Class 5 data compression. The following standards are supported:

Call Back Security
Safeguarding your database without causing problems for legitimate users can be quite a dilemma. The Dial Access Manager solves this dilemma with various levels of security. When system integrity is critical, our Callback Security System offers three levels of programmable protection:

Pass Through Access gives direct connection after the caller enters the password. This is used where callback is restricted (i.e., calls through a hotel's PBX system).

Standard Callback requires the caller to enter a predefined password. The dial modem then breaks the connection and returns the call to a phone number stored in its database. This feature is designed for the user who typically calls from the same location.

Variable Number Callback is designed for the user who travels frequently. The Dial Access Manager provides programmed callback. In this mode, the caller enters the password and the callback phone number. The dial modem then returns the call to the specified phone number. It's even flexible enough to handle the changing phone numbers of your traveling staff.

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